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  1. I have a few different things I would like to cover so instead of making a bunch of different threads (I just created this account) I'll lump them together here. Let's get started. QUESTIONS 1. I have a police rifle that is 255 firepower. I do not know how or where I got it, but since then I have only been able to find a rifle with a maximum of 184 firepower (aside from rais's gun). I've had it for quite a while now and its what I use because I'm assuming firepower is related to damage. I would like to know if anyone else has found a gun like this. 2. I met a guy yesterday who claims his shotgun was shooting dragons breath rounds. I would like to know if this is possible, because I have seen some people with weird contraptions that I'm unfamiliar with. 3. What is the best way to acquire household supplies? I have tons of every supply except household supplies. I'm running low on them and I really need some to make flares (a good idea would be for techland to add them to supply drops in multiplayer) in case a night hunter joins. OPINIONS 1. I've read a few topics about the "be the zombie" mode, and a lot of people are asking far too much in terms of nerfing and buffing. Some people were asking for 20 second delays before the UV light starts recharging. Others were asking for the UV light range to be reduced to around 10 feet. Put yourselves in the shoes of the humans (as I have been, dozens of times) and you will see how ridiculous this is. I was not aware that survivor sense would locate the hunter until I read about it on here, and I will admit that it is a little unbalanced. I personally never used it when being hunted and it made it a lot more intense. You rely on sound and sight more than looking at the radar. In my opinion, survivor sense should be removed when a hunter joins. There is no use for survivor sense in the mode anyways. Others were also asking for there to be double the amount of zombies and that there should be volatiles. You're asking far too much. Since I never used survivor sense, I was always on edge, and I was always paying attention to everything around me. Adding more zombies would make it far too easy for the hunter because the humans would always be distracted, and would have absolutely no chance of locating the hunter when they're surrounded (granted they remove survivor sense while the hunter is present). I think survivor sense needs to go, otherwise it is perfectly balanced. 2. Hunters who join lobbies with one player... please stop. In a 1v1 the hunter almost always wins, so I will always leave. If you join with 2-4 people in the lobby, then have it. I enjoy the mode, but it's very annoying when you join a lobby with one person just to get easy points. 3. People who hide in safe houses when a hunter joins. I'm sorry, but you need to grow a pair. It's just a game. People are actually scared to go outside when a hunter joins. It's sad. 4. This isn't so much of an opinion as it is a PSA. STOP RUNNING TO SAFE HOUSES AT NIGHT. By that I mean people who are so scared that they want to wait until morning because they're too scared to go out. You can get huge amounts of survivor points (the most I've gotten is 25k) for surviving the night without sleeping. All you have to do is set up shop on a roof. You can even be within reach of a safe house if you really need to in case you get overrun. I can single handedly survive the entire night using guns and all, I'm sure you can too. _____________________________ Those are some of my questions and opinions regarding the game. The questions I would like answers for, the opinions are there just for you to read. Answers appreciated.
  2. Let me say this first. I was the victim of the night hunter dozens of times, and my opinion was that the mode was balanced (granted I never used survivor sense because I didn't even know about it). After playing as the hunter for a while to get some perspective, my opinion has changed. Let me start with survivor sense... absolute stupidity on the person who added it to this mode. It's ridiculous when all 4 humans are looking directly at you for the entire match and theres nothing you can do about it. The idea of a hunter in any aspect is to be stealthy and avoid detection by your prey. In this mode, the hunter often times because the hunted simply by being flashed with a UV light for half a second. This is what I think needs to happen: Survivor sense needs to be either completely removed from this mode or be seriously reworked. It has no purpose other than to show the hunters exact location. It should have a cooldown of 20 seconds, and it should only show the direction that the hunter is in. On top of that, the duration of the effect (showing the direction of the hunter) should only last for 2 seconds tops. It's range should also be severely limited. The best thing to do would be to show the hunters map icon on the edge of the radar to show its direction. UV light... this is a big one. It's drain rate is far too slow. I've been in 10-15 second long chases (where I, the HUNTER, am being chased) where the humans have no issue keeping their UV light on me the entire time. It should last for 6-7 seconds on a full charge, and it should not start recharging for 5 seconds after the UV light is turned off. It's range also needs to be reduced dramatically. It's range coupled with survivor sense makes it impossible to pounce a player who is always staring in your direction with their UV light turned on. It needs at LEAST a 30-40% reduction in range. Spawning... good GOD... When a hunter dies, it literally spawns them 10-15 seconds away from the nearest nest (this is after the 10 second loading screen wait, of course). Also I can't tell you how many times I've went after a group of people, kill one of them, only to have him spawn 300 meters away within spitting distance of the nests. By the time I even get there, he's already gotten to the nests, destroyed them, and is waiting for me with his UV light pointed in my exact direction. If a survivor dies, for whatever reason, it should NOT spawn him closer to the nests. Spits... now before I go into this, be aware I'm only a level 7-8 hunter, so I do not have all the skills unlocked. Now, the length of time it takes spits to explode is ridiculous. You can land a spit 2 feet away from someone, and they can be 30 feet away before it goes off. If there is a skill that reduces that time, disregard this part. People hiding in unreachable places... here's a story from last night (TL;DR at the end). I joined a session of 4 people who were playing in Old Town. As soon as I joined, I see all 4 of them running for a few second and then they stopped. Upon reaching them, they're all 4 hiding inside of a safe house (whose only entrance was through a hole in the roof), inside of a closet with the door closed. The second I would get remotely near this hole, they would run out with UV lights blaring and chase me off. I tried spitting a horde spawn into the hole, but they would simply close the door. Same with the UV disruptor. So eventually I backed off, hoping they would leave and I could have a chance of killing them. They finally grew a pair (or so I had thought) and decided to come out. I started after them, only to be met with constant UV lights in my direction. Then they proceeded to run up onto a tower. This tower was extremely tall and in the middle of the open, meaning I couldn't get near them from any angle. I tried climbing up the side of the tower and spitting at them from below. Nope, UV light over the edge and off I went (they were throwing flares like mad men as well). there was absolutely nothing I could do. Horde spit? They're on a tower, so even if I did tag them it wouldn't matter. UV disruptor was useless, because they were already throwing flares and I hadn't even hit them yet. This continued for about 10 minutes. I had come to the realization that they were terrified of a video game, and were trying to get me to leave. I was not about to let them win so easily, so I stuck around. To my surprise, they actually came down. By that I mean they all ziplined at the same time, covering half the distance to the nests. By the time I reached them, they had already cleared out the nest and were hiding (again) in what looked like a small store, with the door closed. I managed to tag them a few times with horde spit (they opened the door occasionally to hit me with their UV lights) but they would simply close the door until it was over. Long story short, they hid in the room for a few minutes and then proceeded to clear out the nests one by one, as I sit helplessly on the rooftops as they constantly shone their UV lights directly at me at all times. I tried spitting, but it was old town... so hordes are useless, and they were throwing flares basically the entire time (even when they weren't hit with UV disruptor). TL;DR: Group of 4 players hides for 20 minutes, then cowardly clears each nest by hiding in any room they could find until I backed off a little (or they decided to come chase me, which is not hard considering the UV lights range). All the times that I had been hunted by the night hunter, I never used survivor sense, nor did anyone that I played with (that I'm aware of). It made the game a lot more fun and to me it seemed balanced. However, I have a few matches under my belt while using survivor sense, and I can tell you that it's unbalanced. I will not be playing the hunter any more until they balance this game mode. On a final note, if you people don't want a hunter to join your session (the people who immediately leave because they're scared, or alone) then please turn off your zombie invasion setting.
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    Be The Zombie Is Horribly Unbalanced

    The biggest problem is survivor sense. It completely removes any sense of stealth that the hunter thinks he may have.
  4. I'm glad they nerfed the weapon duplication glitch. I talked to one guy who said he had made over 1 million dollars from duplicating and selling weapons. That completely defeats the purpose of searching for items, which is what this game is about (it's a survival game, if you didn't know). A max level player (like myself) could buy a legendary katana or whatever that does 1400 base damage, add 3 or 4 (however many it can hold) king upgrades, and a good blueprint and simply duplicate a weapon that is possibly capable of 2000 or more damage. It would completely negate the need to gather blueprint items to craft with, as well as removing the need to buy your weapons any more. They patched it to protect the longevity of the game.
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    Night Hunter Needs A Buff

    I always find myself disagreeing with these posts. I've been in dozens of these matches because the game continually puts hunters in your lobby. At one point I went over an hour straight being hunted because as soon as one match was over, 15 seconds would pass and another hunter would join. The nerfs that people are asking for are ridiculous. The UV light is the only defense a survivor has against the hunter other than flares, but they take AGES to throw and only last for around 5 seconds. I can't tell you how many times I've been UV blocked (whatever the purple spit is called), switch to flares, only to be instantly pounced before the flare can even get out of my hands. I agree it could use a slight range nerf, but some people are asking for its range to be reduced to like 10 feet. It's cooldown time is fine as is, because if you increase it then you're essentially handing the survivor over on a silver platter. Unless of course you'd rather have them hide in a room, constantly throwing flares at the door until their light recharges. I think survivor sense could use some changes, but it should not be removed completely. I think survivor sense should only show the hunter on the map if they are in the immediate area (like 10-15 feet). Some people are asking for it to be removed completely, which I think is ridiculous. The hunter can track the survivors exact locations at all times. If you remove survivor sense, the hunter will have a huge advantage because the survivors will be completely blind. The only way they could locate the hunter would be to watch for its spit attacks or to listen for it (which is only possible if they're within arms reach). Coming from someone with little hunter experience, this is what I think needs to happen: UV lights range needs a slight nerf. Reduce it by at least 25-30%. Decrease the throw time of flares. Survivor sense tweaked to only show the hunters position on the radar if they are in within 15-20 feet (pounce can reach much farther than, as well as the hunters spit). Hunters claw attack damage reduced (based on the fact that I've been rambo punched multiple times by it, and it kills in like 2-3 hits). The hunters spit abilities are fine in my opinion, the purple spit can be countered with flares and the yellow bombers are easy to avoid. From my experience the UV block does last a bit too long. Multiple times I have countered a pounce, only for the hunter to activate UV block, gain their energy, and then either rambo punch me or pounce me while I'm shining a UV light in their face. Again, I don't have much hunter experience.