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  1. Valeera

    Lack Of Outfits?

    Well im just about to beat it my second time, but someone on here also made a thread where they said you dont get a new one for completing a New Game+
  2. Valeera

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    I havent got to play it for a while because of matchmaking issues, but I think if they just disabled survivor sense that would almost solve most problems? I love stealth games, they are pretty much my favorite genre Metal Gear solid, Splinter Cell, Thief,Perfect Dark Zero, The Riddick games, just a few of my favorite ones, but Theres no reason why every human should know exactly where you're at.
  3. Valeera

    Lack Of Outfits?

    Im not too bothered by this, I just specifically remember in dev-streams (and some videos on youtube/twitch) they made it sound like there would be a huge amount of customization for you too choose from, stressing that "you will be unique when joining a co-op game". Thats actually pretty far from the case, I have eight outfits, and one of those is a recolor of another one (Troublemaker) If I join a co-op match I can basically guarantee im going to look the same as someone else. I know the PC has a few more like the Alienware. Again, not really a big deal, but they could have reworded it to something like "There's a few different outfits you can choose from" just seems a bit misleading imo. Anyways, Cheers!
  4. Valeera

    Where Are The Outfits?

    Yah, I bought the seasons pass mainly for the ninja outfit, because it was a pre-order bonus I thought i'd get it basically day one, which also is what the description kindve made it sound like. After almost finishing my New Game+ I totally feel ripped off about that, by the time this dlc actually becomes available I probably wont even be playing the game anymore.
  5. Valeera

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    And yet after all of that, you dont link any info on what platform we can actually find you on...
  6. Valeera

    Gre Website?

    Ugh...this makes me want to go back and scour the entire game, why'd you have to show this? x)
  7. Valeera

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    Lol im a girl? But yah it gets pretty fun! I havent been able to find a match in a while though, so im still just 18 or 19.
  8. Valeera

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    No sorry, im on Xbox :/
  9. Valeera

    Weapon Variants

    Yah you can get them when you're low level, I tried to stockpile a few but eventually just kept finding better stuff so I sold them. I think they call them pry-bars in this though... Lol same! I miss cricket bats and going all Shaun of the Dead on zombies! I really wish you could get anything at high levels, just increased damage.
  10. Valeera

    Weapon Variants

    I was hoping to be able to have a super strong crowbar and go all Half-Life with it! All im getting now basically are Katana's, Medieval swords, and Egyptian Khopesh's.
  11. Ive seen a lot of people on here talk about losing all of their progression recently, and yah the tradings pretty nice!
  12. After chatting with 4 different Microsoft agents 2/4 were just as stumped as I was why the season pass wasn't showing up, and then the other 2 both said that their(Microsofts) network engineer's were trying to figure out a fix with Techland. They said would call me back within 24-48 hours( 5 days ago) they never called. Im a bit frustrated with all the silence regarding this... As for the game, it works just fine. Be the zombie takes like 5 years to get an actual working match though...
  13. It reminds me of city's in Turkey or Poland honestly, try giving those a search. Cheers!
  14. Valeera

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    I just watched the first 15 minutes or so and then skipped around ( you got some pretty nice kills in) but with that first dude, there were several times you got him a little under half health and then ran, or started charging your ground pound and you let him get away and heal. Im not gonna tell you how to play because, what works for me, might not work for you( which is also elitist and makes me sound like a blt*h/ I swear im not lol), however in 1 of my posts above I do mention a rotation thats helped me, not die usually. And like you're not gonna win them all, some people are just leagues better! That doesnt mean you're doing something necessarily wrong. Especially if you're fighting a completely coordinated, cautious group. Even extremely good plans can hit the fan, see (obviously if you want to lol) Deathstroke vs The Justice League/ Identity Crisis Lol why is it amazing? Im on the Xbox One as well, why cant you play it?
  15. Valeera

    Xbox One Black Screen. Please Help!

    My game actually did that too, I had no idea what to try so I basically just cleared my cache(hold down xbox power button until it turns off)> uninstalled Dying Light>re-downloaded my profile>and installed it again Worked like a charm after that, however if it doesnt work after that maybe chat with a Microsoft agent? They might be able to sort it out faster than waiting for a reply on these forums. link here: Cheers!