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    jcks got a reaction from RaYz penguin in The Truth About The Night Hunter: A Story Waiting To Be Unfolded   
    I like this idea. It could even be another game mode, where you find all the notes while having the night hunter stalk you. Similar to a Slender Man game.
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    jcks got a reaction from Nuclearwolf587 in Too Many Spamming Night Hunters   
    Spamming in the context of this game, or any game for that matter, is relative. Spam itself just means mindless repetition. The repeated use of effective tactics is not spamming.
    But yes I agree let's not crucify the op for asking a question.
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    jcks got a reaction from Nuclearwolf587 in Too Many Spamming Night Hunters   
    Spamming in the context of this game, or any game for that matter, is relative. Spam itself just means mindless repetition. The repeated use of effective tactics is not spamming.
    But yes I agree let's not crucify the op for asking a question.
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    jcks reacted to Vallon in Survivor Counter To Shield + Uv Spit Attack In 1V1 Nightmare?   
    You can't have an out to everything. Eventually a line has to be drawn where one player just outplayed the other and deserves the kill. You're not whining, but save for UV Block + UV Spit Smash there isn't a single tactic the Hunter can employ that cannot be countered by a Survivor.
    You simply gotta chose how you want to handle an encounter and commit to it. Throwing a flare on the ground before the Hunter approaches (which many Survivors do) would mean you either dodge/grapple around it for the 7-10 seconds necessary for another one, or go for the Grapple to DFA trick. If you get pounded along with your flare and/or UV stuck you deserve to be killed, as that just means the Hunter outplayed you or you failed to play out the situation correctly. It definitely isn't easy to pound an evasive Survivor and his flare, especially on uneven terrain, nor is it easy to stick a spit (outside of GP-spit, which is vulnerable to the well-known Grapple/DFA combo or general movement which makes landing Ground Pound annoying).  Throwing a flare for the hell of it is the worst possible play - this is why I rarely use them in 1v1s before I know the Hunter's UV spit is on cooldown, so I realistically only throw out one when it's going to be my saving ace.  
    To be honest, I can't remember the last time I've thrown a flare, the Hunter has managed to pound me and it, and because of the cooldown I got Pounced. Nowadays you either die when the spit goes off or survive entirely.
    In conclusion - making the Hunter misplay his opportunities is how you survive, not just waiting for more flares. The single flare was one of the best changes Techland implemented - it toughened up Survivors requiring them to think before throwing and making them harder to outplay while they defend their small safe zone with everything they got.
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    jcks reacted to TouchTheInfinite in Impossible To Win As A Hunter?   
    its become really funny that you just cant stop, even passive-aggressively attacking others in posts to mods.
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    jcks reacted to Pete Donnelly in Halloween Btz Community Event!   
    Plans for Halloween? Celebrate with us at ‘Zombiefest' in Dying Light! Watch the video below for details:
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    jcks reacted to Chaos_Deception in 2016-09-05 Update   
    Can You all please post constructively, A difference of opinion is to be expected and is welcome. 
    But please do not make it Personal against any Forum User, Thank You. 
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    jcks got a reaction from DoctorPurrington in 2016-09-05 Update   
    I don't see how giving cheaters what they want would deter them from...cheating. Sounds counter intuitive to me. I imagine a VAC/anti-cheat system that actually punished players for cheating and didn't just put you in a different pool of players would have made a big impact.
    Also being a stand alone mode would have helped greatly but that's something that would have needed to be addressed from the start. A lot of the problems people have is that one party controls all the match parameters. There's no player control when you have to play according to someone else's preferred tastes.
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    jcks reacted to Chickeninja in Alternative Ways For Techland To Punish Users Of Upsetting Modded Items   
    Just 2 cents of summer armchair philosophy; all personal and not even interesting:
    I don't think much of punishment in general because that always implies a system of control/enforcement, which people end up corrupting and glitching from all sides. This always guarantees false positives, corrupt police, and vain judges; usually not even solving the things it proposes to solve.
    Or you can imagine a scenario where you live in some utopia because everybody has a gun pointed at their heads. Is living cheat-free worth this? And what about the guys holding the guns? Are they superhuman and impossible to corrupt? How so?
    Perhaps if we get overly upset at cheaters, and I most certainly do occasionally, our time may be better spent enjoying ourselves with buddies or not playing at all, to make better use of our time/mind. That's where all of us can beat all malicious cheaters all the time: taking care to take care of our awesomeness.   
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    jcks reacted to nickmad92 in Why Is A Night Hunters Agility Nerfed On Console?   
    Yeah the fact that you use a stick on controller means you must hold turn until you see tackle icon where as with a mouse and keypad you just swipe the mouse the amount you feel will be nessesary to turn to that angle so hunters have much greater speed when sprinting. Thats why you will see the legends getting so many tackles. And then see me running around in circles while in sprint.
    Also to tackle on controller you must let go of the right stick to tap the tackle button which is half a second slower than using mouse and keypad.
    With sticks your turning until you get somewhere but with mouse you just swipe the mouse a certain amount to turn a certain angle.
    If you want to play competitively on pc then use pc equipment. If you watch the best hunters you will see them tackle a survivor from a total 90 degree angle in a second.
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    jcks got a reaction from DoctorPurrington in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    I'm not saying duping just started I'm saying it's been a continual problem along with balance issues that has dwindled the hunter player base down to what we have currently today.
    It's too late to expect survivors to play without duped inventories because they've been playing that way for so long with little penalty. It's become the norm when it wasn't supposed to be and there have been several balance changes in direct response to duped inventories which makes things harder for both new and legitimate players.
    If players are having legitimate issues of the hunter being too OP then taking duped inventories into a PvP setting was not the way to fix those issues (neither does it justify duping). By using duped inventories the focus of balance changes became centered on curbing the use of such tactics instead of focusing on the real issues such as what makes the hunter so op and what needs to be turned down to make him more manageable.
    The argument that duping is supporting this mode is an excuse used by players who want an out from every situation all the time (infinite healing, unlimited flare defense, continuous stat buffs, infinite horde negation). Playing the mode as intended seems like a totally different game because no one has been playing it right from the beginning and hunter players have mainly been the ones to suffer.
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    jcks reacted to sanjyuubi in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    Everything came from the wrong concept of BTZ being just indirect part of the gameplay, it was intended more to be a haunting mode than competetive PvP gameplay, that's why hunter was so weak at the beginning. It got out of control and transformed into real multiplayer mode that is hard to harness in term of balance  while keeping the original format. Maybe if BTZ was designed from the start as separate multiplayer game, some issues might not exists.
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    jcks got a reaction from BlankSlate in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    > implies previous post was a joke/not serious
    > says there's relevant information in said joke
    So are you admitting to providing false information yet again?
    Pete just said they don't want people to feel as if duping is a necessary part of BtZ and yet again you accuse devs of duping themselves without any credible source of information. It's like you hold a grudge against them for previous patches or something.
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    jcks reacted to Pete Donnelly in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    We don't want people to feel like they have to scavenge in order to keep playing BTZ.  Survivors are gifted 1 medkit and 2 flares each respawn during BTZ to help address this.  Weapon mods are a PC issue.  People are always going to look for ways to mod the game on PC.  This affects every game on PC.  In my experience, it is very rare to see them used in VAC secure games.
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    jcks reacted to Chickeninja in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    That's just a glitch in the matrix: the game is obviously "duping" and the developers are complicit in the crime. I also heard a wild rumor that developers preside over infinite inventories and load whatever they want, whenever they want just to do you a personal favor.
    So agreed, this is absolutely ridiculous and warrants serious action. Any dev can go out there, whenever they want, and make all hunters get wrecked! They even hack their hunters and make survivors wrecked, as well as nerfing and buffing where they see fit, without our consent. 
    Let's all restore balancing justice b4 it's too late.   
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    jcks reacted to Pete Donnelly in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    Hey!  Sorry I didn't get to the forums here sooner. You're right EMtriX.  The flare cost increase is was implemented to help 2v1- 4v1. We want survivors to have to think a bit more about how they use this resource as it's a very effective tool in so many situations. This does make 1v1 more challenging than it already is...   Unfortunately the flare cost is not something we are able to tune separately. It needs to be applied to all modes the way it is currently set up.  
    Flare cooldown has been reduced to a 10 second wait time. It was at 15 seconds previously.
    Right now I do think the benefits to 2v1 - 4v1 gameplay outweigh the potential issues with 1v1.   I do believe skilled Survivors will be able to adapt. We'll continue watching this though... I've already looked at ways to potentially tweak flares a bit differently if this proves to be needed... 
    As always, we appreciate the feedback from the community!  Thanks everyone!
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    jcks reacted to DoctorPurrington in To Pete, Techland And All Btz Fans - One Flare At A Time   
    The game's been out for a year and a half already. Are we really expecting a magical influx of new players?
    Er... you mean like how Night Hunters with no Energy just have to shimmy back and forth with their arms up in the air?
    That sort of helplessness has been in the game since Day 1. No matter how good two chess players are, someone has to checkmate someone. The Night Hunter's mission is to put Humans in a state of inescapability, as is the Humans' for the Hunter.
    Demonizing the opposing opinion is not a counter-argument. It's no different than saying "I'm right, because the people who don't agree with me are stupid." Don't go all ad hominem just because you disagree with something - it's no way to get a point across.

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    jcks got a reaction from DoctorPurrington in Only 1 Flare? Techland, U Kidding Me?   
    Providing false information doesn't push positive discussion, it only creates more confusion. The fact is nobody knows anything right now besides that the nerf exists so anything anyone says is pure speculation.
    I'm not sure why Pete hasn't made any comments on this latest change but I'm sure reaching out to him is the best possible way to get the truth. He was last active on the 23rd, last thursday, and is usually not active during the weekend as that isn't within his work hours most likely. We should get a response back sometime this week so until then keeping rumors to a minimum would help.
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    jcks reacted to DoctorPurrington in Only 1 Flare? Techland, U Kidding Me?   
    I'll just say it: This is another result of duped inventories.
    If people want to hold infinite Zaid's Flares (or any item, for that matter), that they use without consequence, that's their choice.
    But the game is going to have to keep being re-balanced to make up for it. More cooldowns. More limitation.
    I regularly see 30+, 40+ Flares thrown at the end-screen of my matches, per person. Hopefully that number will go down a little now.
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    jcks reacted to DoctorPurrington in Need Some Advice From Fellow Night Hunters.   
    Haha, this one bugs me more than the others. I use Horde Spit more than anything (I don't need to use UV Block for it to be effective, so it's worth more in a fight to me), and when some duper uses 16 Cloak potions in a single match, it's definitely frustrating!
    The best advice I can give in those situations is that you want to be close when someone gets hit with the Horde (distract them until the Horde arrives, Tackle if they try to Grapple up to a building, etc.), so try to claw them with a melee to cancel the Camo and/or Flares. It doesn't reset the timer (which, honestly, it should), but it does re-start the Horde coming after that player and can lead to a lot of surprise deaths. The potion also has a cooldown, so they can't use it right away. This is easier said than done in 1 Vs. 2+, but it actually ends up working in my favor sometimes, because the Horde will re-activate and be a little late to the party, often self-destructing near other survivors instead. In 1 Vs. 1, this is a sound strategy and works even if they Camo using an actual Zombie.
    This is a difficult one to address because Dodge is woefully glitchy, and the connection is 100% in favor of the Humans, so there are many times when a night Hunter sees a perfect Tackle opportunity and misses "just because." There are also still exploits in the game that allow Humans to Dodge Tackles mid-air (which I won't publicize but will be sending to the Devs soon), so it becomes less an issue of skill and more an issue of hoping what you're seeing is actually what you're seeing.
    I wouldn't say a missed Drop Kick isn't punishable. Even experienced players whiff from time to time while I'm playing, and you can take that moment to swipe+swipe+GP (which will still hit them for good damage and leave them trying to heal). Or, obviously, if you have a Spit, then Spit them while they're down.
    Again, it's a sad fact that you're not always seeing what you'd be seeing if you were the host, so things like GPs, Tackle, etc. just flat-out don't register sometimes. I have on video a shot of me GP'ing a group of players, directly in front of me, who are reviving another player, and the GP literally just goes through them. It sucks that the game can be like that, but there's not much we can do on our end but sigh and shake our heads.
    This is another difficult item to address, but mostly because the strategy changes drastically depending on how many people you're facing. In 1 Vs. 1 (and sometimes 1 Vs. 2), you can get away with constantly "sharking" or "air-sharking" your opponent, i.e. circling him quickly or flying around and above him in quick, jerking motions, to drain their UV Light to a point where you can start attacking and not have your energy drained completely before they run out. In 1 Vs. 2 against more skilled opponents, I sincerely believe the Hunter is at his worst disadvantage, as the Nests are far too easy and the additional player prevents UV Spits from being exceptionally helpful. In these cases, it's often best to distract as much as you can safely (passing over as a distraction and quickly escaping) while waiting for Horde Spit, or preferably Horde Spit Smash, to charge up so you can get something other than your big, beautiful self to distract them. This is where it pays to save your UV Block, so you can charge after them if they're duping Cloak Potions.
    1 Vs. 3+ against experienced players, you want Spit Smashes. You want to run in, Spit Smash, and UV Block only when your energy is close to being drained. In my 1 Vs. 3+ matches, players tend to have "posts" where they know they should go during specific Nests. You can often attack one person, draw others, and then UV Block, get in the air, and use Toxic Spit in enclosed areas to really mess them up. People rarely expect Toxic outside of Nest defense, and if you can Toxic + Tackle or GP, it only takes a swipe or two to finish them off. It's underrated as all heck and very effective at causing chaos.
    If you're on Slums or the Countryside, and you're not at the high-town (mountain pathway) Nest, it's best to use the Horde Spit Smash often while players are on buildings to knock them off. You can then wait a second (really, less than a second - its a super-fast window) and then go in for the Tackle, because experienced players will always Grapple back onto buildings. You can wait with a GP too, but Tackle's animation is effective for hitting them while they're coming back. Of course, the same rule still applies as above - there are exploits in use that allow Humans to Dodge in mid-air, so it's difficult if your opponent decides that cheating is better than losing. I've had plenty of matches as well where a clean Tackle gets Dodged because the Humans are close enough to the building that it "counts" as being on solid ground, so take that with a grain of salt as well.
    Since there are no bans in this game, but Hunters have the option to join whomever they please, just make a note of the Dupers/Glitchers/Aborters and avoid them. We have to make do with what we have, and we do have the power to not fight people who have no integrity. I fought an Indomitable yesterday who got upset that he had to keep fighting Apexes that killed him over and over and Aborted our match. I had to explain to him that Aborting all the time puts players in ranks they don't belong in. He did not take it well.
    Overall, the best strategy I can suggest is adapting to your opponent(s). If players just spam Dodge+Jump, Spit/Spit Smash whenever they jump. Don't just keep trying to Tackle them, or you're playing exactly the way they want you to play! If players use the Grappling Hook every time they get hit with the Horde? Claw them continuously, or Tackle them when they try to escape. It's a big deal to know how players want you to fight them, and doing the opposite.
    And stalk people - don't just engage at every opportunity. Sometimes attacking right away is smart, but you should know what Nest is coming up and when it's better to just let them try to come to you and act as a Nest Guard, rather than assaulting them along the way.
    Hope that helps!
    EDIT: Spellingz.
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    jcks reacted to Pete Donnelly in New 'tunables' Released For Btz   
    Hey Everyone!
    I'd like to share a couple of changes we just released yesterday.  These changes are based on feedback we've received and game stats that we've collected.
    1. BTZ matchmaking reduced to 2 pools again.
    2. 3v1 and 4v1 Damage Scaling.  (Survivors damage output is scaled to 2/3 damage in 3v1 and 4v1)
    3. Removed added headshot damage from arrows/bolt.  (This was never communicated clearly and added damage from special bolts/arrow allowed 1 hit kills)
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    jcks reacted to DoctorPurrington in To Pete   
    Take it from a Hunter who's been around a while - a massive amount of what we've asked for has been implemented in the game, especially compared to other IPs.
    And at no cost to the player! I was ecstatic when I heard Mutations were free. Happy wallet = happy customer.
    Sure, there were "necessary" changes, like Timeouts and the various OHKO glitches, but cost-to-click UV Lights? Item cooldowns? continuous Tendril-to-Ground momentum? These were QoP improvements based on our feedback.
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    jcks reacted to Pete Donnelly in To Pete   
    We always take your feedback into consideration and have even made multiple changes based on community feedback.  There are also many suggestions and ideas we have tried implementing in the past but didn't work out for various reasons.  
    I personally would have loved to have had a lobby and multiple game types for BTZ but it wasn't in the cards this time around...
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    jcks reacted to SomeOldDude in Ground Pound Beating Dropkick? Barely.....   
    Even though everyone claims a GP will beat a DK, the truth of the matter is you have to be a soothsayer to know if the player is going to move forward into GP range before you initiate it.  Of all of the encounters I've had I don't remember any time when a DK was initiated and I was able to GP him.  Tackle, yes.  GP, no. So, many times I've watched player start moving towards me and I immediately GP, but they always win.  Some will stand off just a little bit and feint towards me in an attempt to get me to GP.  But, by the time they stop I've had to make that decision to GP or not.  So, they feint a couple of times and then do it for real.  I always get DKed.  If they want to go toe-to-toe, and you can, go for the tackle.  Just watch for the spikes!
    The solution is never be in that position as you will never win unless you get lucky.  I've taken to doing a lot of jumping and tendrilling around, dropping a spit at the appropriate times, and only aerial GPing when the player is not looking or is cornered.  I'll even mix that up with just landing, giving a swipe, and/or spit and getting out of there.  My swipe is my go-to attack right now.  The problem is with multiple players as  you have to stick around and give 3 extra swipes or use a toxic spit on the KOed human.  It's okay to leave the KOed human in place if you have the spits and UV block to fight the other player using the KOed human as bait. If you're out, though, it's a battle.
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    jcks reacted to Hank J. Wimbleton in Cheater Caught On Tape   
    The Crossbow is just mod and has a x4 poison effect. Its literally not a glitch, but something that someone decided to create by modding a crossbow for whatever stupid reason. I own one, but will NEVER use it in BTZ/Invasions. From what I have heard having this weapon does not issue a VAC ban as no trainer is involved or other cheating software. Literally there is not much anything can be done and all you can do is just either play to the best to your ability, or drop out and spread the news about the chupacabra who use such a broken and cheating weapon. Also, yes people who have this weapon can still be beaten I have seen it; it is just incredibly difficult if the person is smart. Usually you'll find idiots with this weapon.