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    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    In what instance does this ever happen in esports? Please provide specific examples.
  2. jcks

    How Is This Done?

    People were already using the move before he posted this. In his first post he's asking if anyone knows how it's done, he's not saying he knows a secret technique that others don't.
  3. jcks

    Too Many Spamming Night Hunters

    Spamming in the context of this game, or any game for that matter, is relative. Spam itself just means mindless repetition. The repeated use of effective tactics is not spamming. But yes I agree let's not crucify the op for asking a question.
  4. The game has been out for nearly 2 years now, I think it's safe to assume the the meta is solid and there's not a huge influx of new players joining every month. If you're still playing this game in 2016/2017 you most likely already have several to a few hundred hours invested and are well versed with the higher level aspects of the game (from which discussions like these arise). You can think of it like with fighting games. The best time to get into a fighting game is about 3-4 months after release when everyone is fairly new and still figuring out the meta. After a year or so however you need to accept the fact that there are people have everything figured out and work twice as hard to reach the top (or wait until the next version releases). tl;dr everyone is pretty much a veteran by now.
  5. jcks

    Halloween Btz Community Event!

    Nice! Are the only rewards new titles and gold weapons?
  6. jcks

    2016-09-05 Update

    I'm only quoting your exact words. If you removed that from your post then it would no longer make sense to use as a title in my signature
  7. jcks

    2016-09-05 Update

    I don't see how giving cheaters what they want would deter them from...cheating. Sounds counter intuitive to me. I imagine a VAC/anti-cheat system that actually punished players for cheating and didn't just put you in a different pool of players would have made a big impact. Also being a stand alone mode would have helped greatly but that's something that would have needed to be addressed from the start. A lot of the problems people have is that one party controls all the match parameters. There's no player control when you have to play according to someone else's preferred tastes.
  8. jcks

    2016-09-05 Update

    This is what he's talking about. It's the last known change to ground pound that I can think of. http://forum.techland.pl/topic/11511-be-the-zombie-mode-patch-notes/#entry39904
  9. It's not a console war (PC is console?), it's fact. I'm stating the obvious advantages keyboard and mouse have over pads in FPS and why you're experiencing slower turn speed. Source: I have both PC and PS4.
  10. That's just PC in general, everything is faster. That's why people usually say keyboard and mouse is superior to pads. You have more speed and precision because of the high dpi on a mouse versus analog stick. You will never achieve that speed on console.
  11. This is exactly it. I've been saying this since day one. Every problem this mode has ever had would be fixed if this was separate from the single player campaign.
  12. I'm not saying duping just started I'm saying it's been a continual problem along with balance issues that has dwindled the hunter player base down to what we have currently today. It's too late to expect survivors to play without duped inventories because they've been playing that way for so long with little penalty. It's become the norm when it wasn't supposed to be and there have been several balance changes in direct response to duped inventories which makes things harder for both new and legitimate players. If players are having legitimate issues of the hunter being too OP then taking duped inventories into a PvP setting was not the way to fix those issues (neither does it justify duping). By using duped inventories the focus of balance changes became centered on curbing the use of such tactics instead of focusing on the real issues such as what makes the hunter so op and what needs to be turned down to make him more manageable. The argument that duping is supporting this mode is an excuse used by players who want an out from every situation all the time (infinite healing, unlimited flare defense, continuous stat buffs, infinite horde negation). Playing the mode as intended seems like a totally different game because no one has been playing it right from the beginning and hunter players have mainly been the ones to suffer.
  13. This goes both ways. If survivors want to continue bringing duped items into a pvp setting then hunters will get tired of playing. No hunters = no invasions. You need not look any further than this forum to see the history of frustrated hunter players who have quit the game for this reason and more.
  14. > implies previous post was a joke/not serious > says there's relevant information in said joke So are you admitting to providing false information yet again? Pete just said they don't want people to feel as if duping is a necessary part of BtZ and yet again you accuse devs of duping themselves without any credible source of information. It's like you hold a grudge against them for previous patches or something.
  15. No one cares about false/negative rumors that aren't from a credible source. This contributes nothing to the discussion and only further misconstrues the topic at hand.
  16. jcks

    Only 1 Flare? Techland, U Kidding Me?

    That's because it is false (you have no evidence to prove this yourself). Besides you came forth with the claim so the responsibility to prove it's validity rests upon you not us. If I told you I heard a rumor that a pig grew wings and started flying you wouldn't expect me to force you to prove it was false would you?
  17. jcks

    Only 1 Flare? Techland, U Kidding Me?

    Providing false information doesn't push positive discussion, it only creates more confusion. The fact is nobody knows anything right now besides that the nerf exists so anything anyone says is pure speculation. I'm not sure why Pete hasn't made any comments on this latest change but I'm sure reaching out to him is the best possible way to get the truth. He was last active on the 23rd, last thursday, and is usually not active during the weekend as that isn't within his work hours most likely. We should get a response back sometime this week so until then keeping rumors to a minimum would help.
  18. jcks

    New Video Of Mr.kenneth

    Just tell Pete the instructions then on how to do so. I'm sure he'll be willing to look into it.
  19. jcks

    New Video Of Mr.kenneth

    Send it to Pete in a private message as an unlisted video.
  20. It's lag. In a perfect lag free setting or an alternate universe where the night hunter was host this would work. Unfortunately this is the game we play. This is exactly it. If there were more of a penalty or commitment to dodging then you could play mind games in situations. As of now you're only at an advantage with a charged ground pound if there's no room for the survivor player to dodge.
  21. jcks

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Just posting the youtube link is fine. It doesn't work on mobile though.
  22. Ah so you added that part then. Great that's all I wanted to confirm. Have a great weekend guys!
  23. So because they happen all the time, in an informal setting or not, it's OK to use them? I don't remember insisting there be formal correctness. All I did was point out a flaw in your response which further obscured the conversation. You answered a question with a question, effectively dodging the question and shifting responsibility back on to the person who made the initial inquiry. This both wastes time and adds unnecessary complexity to the discussion by introducing a new one entirely. If it were OK for both sides to do this to infinity then the argument would never get resolved and we'd go back and forth until the thread was closed due to it going off topic. Someone needs to hold some accountability. Hmm I don't see that anywhere in the guidelines. Could you link me to that exact phrase? Specifically the part where it states this is not a place for formal discussion or scientific exchange?
  24. Not at all. Cheating is not intended in any sense of a game and thus has no impact on fair play. You can't make decisions on what is fun or not based on cheating because it shouldn't even be included in the first place. If you find any faulty logic in my posts then by all means point them out. These rules exist to improve clarity in discussion and as such pointing them out can do nothing but improve the conversation. I'm pointing out this fallacy in particular because the answer(question) you provided was not an answer at all and only further complicated the discussion. I made no assumption that you lack knowledge of these fallacies but if that's what you're saying then I can't be bullying you as I provided a source for you to educate yourself on why that was a fallacy.
  25. If you are good (in this sense you understand the mechanics of the game), you will often win. When you win you will see victory screens. This isn't hard to understand. Whether or not your win was based completely on your own skill is subjective. Answering the question with a question is a logical fallacy.