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  1. CancerousDuck

    New Update Hasn't Fixed Trophys Still Ffs

    You obviously spend way too much time on this forum defending the game, I doubt you even play it that much considering just how often you're here.
  2. CancerousDuck

    New Update Hasn't Fixed Trophys Still Ffs

    You're joking, right? Do you think Hard Mode actually adds content? It doesn't it's just the same story, same missions but harder, stop defending this broken game.
  3. Yea, trophy still hasn't been fixed this is insane, how many times can you "fix" something?
  4. Have you guys done the hidden side quests you only unlock after drinking the potion that lady gives you? There is absolutely no indication on map and very few people know they have to drink the potion to progress.
  5. CancerousDuck

    Cant Even Download The Dlc

    It's only two quarantine zones, about 10 minutes of content, waste of freaking money!
  6. CancerousDuck

    Season Pass Not Showing?

    There's no content for it yet so you can't download it.
  7. CancerousDuck

    You Let Us Down Console Will Not Forget

    Blue screen of death on PS4? I've not heard a single person report this problem, you must be literally the only one who's console crapped out and you're blaming it on the game.
  8. CancerousDuck

    Tech Support Team - Last Active

    They likely appear offline, stop whining and wait. chupacabra happens.
  9. CancerousDuck

    Ps4 - Master Scavenger And Season Pass Problems

    The Scavenger skin has been addressed, it's broken. The season pass has also been addressed, there is no content for the pass yet so you can't download it.
  10. CancerousDuck

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    You're on a roll with these brilliant replies, Michal. Thank you very much!
  11. CancerousDuck

    Nomore Duping

    "Complains about game breaking bugs" "Complains about game breaking bugs like increasing your arsenal tenfold being fixed because they can't bug abuse" Make your minds up, kids.
  12. CancerousDuck

    Help With Season Pass Please

    There is no Season Pass content yet therefore you can't downlaod the season pass.
  13. CancerousDuck

    On The Modding Issue.

    Sorry but for someone who attended law school you can't even spell "Customers" or "Attention".
  14. CancerousDuck

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    This is absolutely driving me crazy! The Quarantine Trophy + The Whole Story both broke on me but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and decided to go and do the collectibles too, to find that ones broken too!
  15. Hey, Techland. How about you start giving gamers answers, you seem to be getting a ton of complaints and you reply to none of them, I'm sick of putting my effort into completing the content you give us without the tiny rewards we get in return, fix your damned games, please, If I have to delete my whole save just to collect a bunch of letters again I'm going to kill myself!!!!