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  1. XboxVillain1

    Developer Feedback

    I just wish they woul;d put a timer on the night time and give me soem run time in their game, keep the normal zombies (maybe a few less Virals and drop the Night Stalkers). I wouldn't even mind Survivor Sense if I wasn't the only one on minimap.
  2. XboxVillain1

    This Is How The Game Should Be Played

    I think virals should be dropped to a minimum...... In normal campaign even if their are no Night Stalkers about if a pursuit starts Virals spawn constantly, and are no joke I might add.
  3. Developer feedback has some info. Not sure how dated it is though. P.S. Forum should have a timer to show me how long to wait before making a new post.
  4. XboxVillain1

    Ran Into Some Cheat Today...

    I noticed at 1:40 and about 3:38 you knocked one down and then they disappeared. They didn't lose a life and no way they were revived. I don't even think the one at 1:40 gave you K.O. XP.
  5. XboxVillain1

    Is It Just Me Or Does The Hunter Feel Overbuffed Now?

    LMAO. But to be fair that could have been pre-patch.
  6. XboxVillain1

    Developer Feedback

    Perhaps make UV light have less and less effect the farther away they are. And still cut the range a bit......
  7. XboxVillain1

    Developer Feedback

    Please pin this topic to top.
  8. Non-PvP for practicing zombie would be nice, and maybe some XP gains. Lower than PvP of course. I think they intended for you to be just in their world with no objective to make them lose. Could be interesting if they limited your time in their world and awarded Zombie some XP for time survivors spend in Safe Zones.
  9. XboxVillain1

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    Could try what i do to get level ups..... troll people on low level missions in Slums..... Though some of them are still high level, and even low level survivors can do some damage if they know how to use UV and dodge.
  10. The stupid thing constantly gets me killed because Crane just drops from the ledge without trying to climb up.
  11. XboxVillain1

    Forum Spammer

    True, but at least it would take 5-10 minutes before the page is fille kurczak again. HM.... I tried to say "filled up"....... Must have typoed to "fille kurczak"........... kurczak...... I can't say kurczak? wow.
  12. XboxVillain1

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    Am I the only one for OP night hunters and a time limit to kill survivors? Game mode would be all about staying alive rather than killing nests. And of course no matter what Survivor Sense revision for CD or something.
  13. XboxVillain1

    Forum Spammer

    Maybe they could be in the basic function of limiting topic creation to a max of 2 or 3 per hour, I mean come on. This is just pathetic. My next suggestion is to auto-block someone when they get reported too much until a moderator reviews the reports.
  14. XboxVillain1

    Add Abilty To Look At Your Watch

    Odd...... Earlier I was looking at meh watch..... Don't know how/why though.
  15. Does rain decrease the rendered area?