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    A Lot Of Unanswered Questions! (Spoilers)

    Hmm that does make sense an company under the guise of helping the world. But still it wouldn't had hurt if the story went a little deeper. A dlc that would let you play as a spec ops soldier would be very cool also. Cause even crane said it at the end that the document is out there somewhere maybe it was insinuating something.
  2. First off the game was absolutely great and brilliant and I'm about to begin new game + and I say again SPOILERS in case you haven't finished the game. First off what's the GRE involvement in all this? How did that document they were seeking even come from? Why do they want to weaponize the virus? WHERE did the virus come from? What's going to happen to Crane since he's infected? What was Rais's involvement before the virus? What the hell happened to the people from the tower?! What's going to happen to Harran? And last but certainly not least is the GRE just walking away with its tail between it legs? If the document was so important why they didn't send a special forces team instead of one individual?
  3. So just wanted to know if any of you guys who tried playing be the zombie on the X1 has had any luck joint a game? I read about the PS4 not functioning but I haven't read anything for the X1. Every time I join one an error message appears and says unable to join game.