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  1. Shadow15151

    Ps4 Multiplayer Crashing - Solved?

    well thats pretty unfortunate =/ it at least fixed my issue, i have yet to get a single error despite several marathon sessions since then
  2. Shadow15151

    Ps4 Online Crash Renders Game Useless

    hey, i had the same issue that you did. might i ask what kinda router you have? the crappy one your ISP hands out or a decent one you got from a store? i was crashing like every 4-5 minutes in multiplayer. me and my roommate who are both in tech support tried literally everything on my AT&T router to fix it, nothing worked. but for an unrelated reason i got a new router, a pretty nice one for like $165. the problem near instantly vanished and i played online for 4 hours without any issues at all. so it seems its 50% a hardware issue on the game players side and another 50% somewhere in the dying light server rules that causes disconnections, as my chupacabra router doesnt have problems with other games like destiny for example. im aware "go buy a $100+ router" isnt quite a fix, but just wanted to let you know to mellowturtle: 802.11ac Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router
  3. ok, so i was having TONS of issues with crashing the game in multiplayer on my ps4, literally non stop. after maybe 5 minutes at most i would be ejected out of the game. but yesterday i purchased a new router (asus RT-AC66U) to replaced the chupacabra one that AT&T hands out when you sign up with their service so i could get a better signal in the basement from my bedroom on the top floor. now i have tried everything in the router settings on the old router to fix the issue, and both me and my roommate are in tech support so im fairly certain if there was a way to make it work with the old router we would have found it. but as soon as the new better router was running instantly the problem vanished, we played together 4 hours straight without a single crash or problem. now i get this isnt really "solved" cause not everyone can go out and spend $100+ on a better router. and for that matter nearly every other game works fine on my old router. but can you comment if you have the issue or dont to say if you have the crappy ones the ISP's hand out or a really out of date router, or a shiny new router. and if this issue affects you?
  4. Shadow15151

    Survival Rank Stuck At 24

    same issue here, 300xp away from 25
  5. Shadow15151

    Ps4 Patch Did Not Fix Multiplayer Co Op

    the patch made it significantly worse for me. before the patch on a good day i could play 10-30 minutes before a crash. now im lucky to reach the 2 minute mark
  6. or the ability to actually play co-op without the game crashing
  7. Shadow15151

    Severe Input Delay For Both Keyboard And Mouse

    typically on my pc i have noticed that the delay is not a actual delay, but instead a rendering issue that causes the screen to lag alil. it only happens when i really overload my stuff personally, does this happen even in the menu's? or just while in a zombie murder spree? does turning down the graphics help?
  8. Shadow15151

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    thanks, guess ill do the party join thing with my friend then to try to speed things up lol.
  9. Shadow15151

    Gre Website?

    found this its just a big login screen, but its clearly directly related to the game. was from a barcode in the quest where you meet camden, but i have no luck on a login/password. kinda hoping its some kinda super easter egg lol. any ideas?
  10. Shadow15151

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    thats prettymuch mine, ill explain it in detail in co-op game crash, error message. load dying light again go into single player pause menu has multiplayer and online options disabled, cannot turn online on quit back to main menu go into single player multiplayer works now join friend then the whole process repeats like 5-10 minutes later
  11. Shadow15151

    Who Wants The Game For Ps3 Reply ;) !

    those consoles are at least 10 years old, although i understand many dont have the new consoles yet no matter how i look at it their still old consoles that cant really support new games as well as the ps4 and xbox1 can. again, seriously, 10 years old. this is kinda like saying why cant my super nintendo play super mario 64
  12. Shadow15151

    Maxed Out Skill Tree

    aw that makes me alil sad
  13. Shadow15151

    Playable Gender(S)

    SJW's piss me off
  14. Shadow15151

    When Is The Save Game Patch Coming Out?

    do you happen to know if they will be patching any other issues such as the co-op related crashing or the cant reach level 25 survivor rank?
  15. Shadow15151

    Having Some Issues With Pounce Skill

    just checking, did you have the target you wanted to pounce on marked with the screech skill? i noticed that the night hunter doesnt seem to be smart enough to pounce on a clearly visible human right in front of him unless hes marked the humans location with the screech.