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    Frost2779 reacted to Xelsiar in I Have A Problem, So Do Many Of Us, Developers Better Read This!   
    Sandwich I feel your pain.
    I played non-stop till I crashed late Wednesday night. I woke up on Thursday all giddy to play since it just worked out to come out on my only days off after a 17 day stretch.  I get on to play to see that my 15 levels, cash, upgrades, trophies, everything. All gone.  What pisses me off the MOST, is that they had the same exact issue with Dead Island when it released.  You couldn't play a game that was meant to be played Co-Op because if you did you got a bug, and that bug caused you game to not save and when you turned it off, all your progress was lost.  It's nice to see that 3 years later they still haven't fixed the most important glitch of the freaking gaming world .... How to save a game properly.  What's worse is there is no way for them to get you your stuff back.
    The only good thing is the fact that PSN automatically backs up your chupacabra when you autosaves.  However, I go to check that out and i did recover most of my stuff.. but I had still lost about 8-9 hours of roaming and searching.  Not that much time.. However I wont get a chance to, or should I say want to touch this game for another 15-20 days on my next day off.  And by then I'm not even sure if I want to touch the damn thing.
    Techland took me for $120 and have the same issues.  Will not be buying ANY more games from this developer, nor will I give props to them for their games, NOR recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a survival, survival zombie game.  Go play H1Z1, Rust, or DayZ
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    Frost2779 got a reaction from Uwwfball in I Have A Problem, So Do Many Of Us, Developers Better Read This!   
    I wouldn't bother buying it again on pc. With the most recent patch 1.2.1. They made all editing of in game files impossible. So if you don't have the greatest pc(like myself). And you want to try and edit graphics settings files to try and make the playable? Well Techland just gave you a big middle finger and now you can't. This also has made modding impossible. Now this might just be temperary until the get a multiplayer check made for mods/edited files, but for the time being i regret spending and money on this game, and if the game stays the way it is i do not plan to spend and money on ANY game where Techalnd or Warner Bros are involved.