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  1. My opinion on this is probably like many others. That this has killed the longevity and replayability of this game. What i am hopeing is that this is a tempary fix until they implement a system that when you attempt to join another players game it will check if there are any changes to any major base game files. And if there are any major changes to those files you can only connect to players with the same changes to the same extent, but it will not checks for changes to graphics type file changes. In addition it will also it will check mod files for similar changes. At least this is my hope, because one of the biggest things i was looking forward to was what wonders the modding community could do to this game. Anyways just my thought, whats yours?
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    Modding And Developer Feedback

    From what i have found through other posts, speculation, and my hopes and dreams. I am hopeing that this inability to change any files is only temparary until they implement a system where it checks edited/added files. It will not let you connect to people who have different files(i am talking about GAME CHANGEING FILES. aka. game files that include base game weapon, and zombie stats, ect. But the origial files could take a lesser priority over mod files where mods can still edit base game stats.
  3. I wouldn't bother buying it again on pc. With the most recent patch 1.2.1. They made all editing of in game files impossible. So if you don't have the greatest pc(like myself). And you want to try and edit graphics settings files to try and make the playable? Well Techland just gave you a big middle finger and now you can't. This also has made modding impossible. Now this might just be temperary until the get a multiplayer check made for mods/edited files, but for the time being i regret spending and money on this game, and if the game stays the way it is i do not plan to spend and money on ANY game where Techalnd or Warner Bros are involved.