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  1. waxcactus

    Buggy Beeping Wont Stop

    put some fuel in it ?
  2. waxcactus

    Alien Rocks Not Working

    you have to leave the safe house and then go back in , then it will work !
  3. waxcactus

    Dying Light Save Import Issues?

    i didnt have any problems with ps4 , all my gear was there when i started the following , great game techland ,it was worth the wait .
  4. waxcactus

    2016 The Following!?

    i really think the following was suppose to be next years game , but techland coped so much flack over the small dlc they gave us they decided to include the following for us , that's just my take on it .
  5. yeah i know what you mean , its not a problem for me but if your getting motion sickness from it that would suck , i get sore eyes from looking at lock picks ,
  6. waxcactus

    Origami 101 Blueprint Location?

    there is a paper plane on the floor in the kindergarten in old town , i cant interact with it , anyone have any ideas ? still puzzled with the gas cans and the half buried tires not to mention the radios all over the game that you can turn off and on .come on techland give us some hints !
  7. i don't get why every one is complaining about the animation for picking up loot , yes it looks stupid but it is not a glitch , i have just gotten used to it , i don't even notice it any more .
  8. waxcactus

    The Following Release Date

    ps4 , i wouldn't call ducking down a glitch , it is the developers animation , maybe he has a bad back , that said i agree it is annoying .
  9. waxcactus

    The Following Release Date

    yeh there are a few cheating glitches , i cant see the sense in using them ,they spoil the game , can some one tell me what the duck down glitch is ? i am amusing it is when you pick stuff up .
  10. waxcactus

    The Following Release Date

    haven't had many problems with it , apart from losing my inventory and having my stats reset once , yeh there are some glitches in there but it is still fun to play ,
  11. waxcactus

    The Following Release Date

    i am very happy to wait , i know you guys will give us an awesome game when it is finished . keep up the great work .
  12. waxcactus


    change your quest .
  13. waxcactus

    Glowing Eyes?

    wrong , i have nearly 900 hours play , my wife wont let me have a girlfriend .lol
  14. waxcactus

    Glowing Eyes?

    wow 509 posts . why don't you just play the game instead of complaining about stupid chupacabra ?
  15. waxcactus

    Glowing Eyes?

    who cares , dood.