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  1. Ok, my buddy that's no more then 20minutes up the road can't connect to my game, YET, people from USA, Germany, New Guinea..... no problem AND no lag with them. What the hell guys!? U won't respond to ANYTHING! U depressed!? Need some meds so u will open up!? This is foolish, we are a week beyond release and its just problem after problem. You have made the BEST zombie game everDying Light Review: and then this is how we are repaid..... I've messaged Michael Nepora or whatever his name is, messaged other "mods" nobody responds. Help us out here. U made a great game. We love it.... yes you ShI T on us like a mushroom in the dark expecting to feed you info, but give nothing back. I have spent 55 hours levelling up, then loaded the game...... Everything gone. Emailed every supposed techland person "accountable".... no response. I even sent u messages on Facebook AND twitter...... no response. Feel like u losers have ripped me and so many off with this. Thanks guys, gals. F-U too
  2. Sandwichbull

    Coop Connection Issues. Ridiculous....

    Ha! U will lose all your stuff also!
  3. They never respond to anything.
  4. Sandwichbull

    I Have Contacted Sony For A Full Refund.

    Hope u get it too! These guys are a sad pathetic joke when it comes to customer support.
  5. Sandwichbull

    Coop Connection Issues. Ridiculous....

    Look at the time between posts and they dont say a word. Lmfao. Its been days since I emailed them also... no response.
  6. Sandwichbull

    Lost All My Levels And Equipment

    Its on every system..... they don't respond either. Techland.... u guys are terrible with your fans.
  7. Sandwichbull

    To Developers ( Please All Must Read This)

    Don't bother, Techland doesn't acknowledge anything.
  8. Sandwichbull

    75% Complete And It's All Gone...

    Feel your pain, I was 50 hours in, then poof, like a chupacabra in the wind, gone! What is equally infuriating though is this developer doesn't talk with us, no formal posts on anything. Fire him..... that would be my priority.
  9. I love this game! I THOUGHT.... u did too. The loss of save..... Bugs..... not being able to connect with my friends on Xbox one.... I dunno. I have ranted and raved on these forums now for a couple days. Emailed your head "community" manager... Yet nothing. No responses. No anything. I even bought the ultimate edition on Xbox one..... but it seems that didn't even work. I spent 50+ hours on your game.... which I love..... Here just watch thisDying Light Review: But then all this stuff happened. I made that review.. For you guys.... to help sell the game. This is how u repay me..... my friends on this forum!? Again I private messaged your head forum guy.... nope doesn't check his emails I guess. Must be a holiday in Poland. Come on guys...... send us a message. Send me one. Right now I feel like I was screwed out of almost 100 bucks, not alone on this either. Something give us some sort of. Acknowledge.
  10. Sandwichbull

    Xbox One Digital Ultimate Edition Dlc

    Me too..... sux
  11. Sandwichbull

    Add Me To The List Who Got F*d

    Yeah add me to this. Now its telling me to use my skill points, but there is none to assign. Broken chupacabra game.
  12. Sandwichbull

    Xbox One Ultimate Edition

    Yep add me to that list also. U know for a game that is so fun, they sure have taken the fun out of it, with lost saves, getting screwed over with the ultimate bundle, be the Zombie mode that rarely works and the fact they gave that mode to everyone. What's worse is the developers WILL NOT ACKNOWLEDGE US!
  13. If they responded and acknowledged us, that would be a start.
  14. Yeah careful how much u ask, I called them out over their poor service and was given a warning from one of the admins. Welcome to chupacabra controlled Poland.
  15. Nope, its our fault. Its our fault that we trust developers that produce garbage and we keep buying it. Its our fault for not driving to Techlands office and demanding to speak to someone about this. If they had their act together the would at least have the courtesy to ACKNOWLEDGE our issues. Instead the write a minimal b.s. post about a patch with next to no detail. At first I thought it could be issue with language barriers, as they are European, but no, seems these guys are just lacklustre unprofessional con artists. Still piszed off with u Techland, u guys screwed us around.
  16. First of all, I want to say that I love the game. I love it so much I made this... then..... after almost 50 hours of play I find all my progress is gone, all weapons gone, experience gone. WTF is this? Seriously guys? Im not playing Diablo hardcore mode here, im playing your survival game, which is challenging and great, but its absolutely unacceptable to load up my game to find that my 50 hours of play is toast. To say im annoyed doesnt even begin to cover it, downright pissed off. You know, I got over the whole fact that I preordered it for the be the zombie mode... only to find you gave that away and I spent the additional 20 bucks on a really stupid outfit, but then I couldnt actually join anyones game as the zombie. Then my friends cant join my game sometimes in the regular coop. Glitches, clipping issues, blah blah blah.... all of that I looked over and still gushed over the game, but this last one?? Disgusted..... F-You techland! FIX THIS NOW! Playing on xbox one. You know, I was even contemplating shelling out another 69 bucks for this on pc, but guess what, not going to happen, Im giving you Polish con artists the finger for now. Thanks for wasting my time.
  17. I post the issues, and you delete it. You guys are a f-ing joke. Thanks for ripping a lot of us off and then censoring it. chupacabra YOU
  18. Sandwichbull

    Techland Doesnt Respond On My Tickets

    Techland doesnt seem to give a chupacabra about their client base.