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  1. tyler2481632

    Be The Zombie Is Way Unbalanced "unfair"

    Be the zombie chupacabra sucks. It is way too easy. Any decent player that even half way knows how the human and zombie works is unstopable. With humans having the ability to always see you on the map, it is just a kexican stand off. Even if you get a lucky shot and hit them with the uv spit, they just pop flares like there's no tomorrow. Its not fair. If they get hit by uv spit then there fate should be accepted, not blocked with infinite uv flares. That is if you have full energy to pounce. If you try to rush they just dodge everything. the tackle, ground pound, any spit that goes their way they easily dodge. I say this mode is chupacabra because im stuck. My zombies level 19 and cant even rank up anymore. Any game i find or choose just matches me with an experienced player. They have a reaction for anything and everything i do. Im done with this chupacabra. Great mode guys, it really grabs my attention. Im going back to Battlefield 4. chupacabra this chupacabra im done!
  2. tyler2481632

    Be The Zombie Issues/suggestion

    Hunters should not be hunted! Bullcrap!
  3. tyler2481632

    Be The Zombie Issues/suggestion

    WTF? The hunter is one of the strongest monsters in storymode along with the big titan dudes with the heavy rebar and the goliaths. They take quite a while to kill even with an incredible weapon, and if you get hit by one you can expect to loose at least a 4th of your health. Why is it that not so in be the zombie online gameplay. It can take me up to five to seven hits to kill a human yet if they have a decent weapon i die in 1 to 2 hits. That is completely not fair. How is it that hunters are stronger than humans in storymode yet its flipped when you play online? Heres another thing. The uv light blocker. If you cant activate the uv light blocker and hit square on ps4 or x on xbox and pounce on them then whats the point. If thats the case then the recharge time of that power should be half or more. I find it extremely unfair that when versing even one human, he has the biggest advantage, yet alone 4 humans. If thats the case and none of that is going to change, then their needs to be 8 hunters vs. 4 humans since humans have such a big advantage. I want to be the zombie but not if it takes me 10 hits to kill them and they only need to hit me once with a decent weapon. Thats an outrage. Fix it damn it! It should be even or hunters should be stronger since they can and or have to take on up to 4 humans. Completely unfair! Fix it!