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    Hoping To Fix The Lies

    Dear Dying Light Support Team, Since the Dying Light Pre-order allowance on steam, I have been waiting on this game for a long time. However, when the game finally came out, I found that the requirements for the game had been changed to OVER 2.20 GHz to a MINIMUM of 3.5 GHz. I acknowledge that the game was just released and that they will update to reduce it, but I would like to point out that if it is not reduced to 2.20 GHz minimum anytime soon, that many buyers who have spent $60-$100 on the game and DLC/Season Pass will begin to talk down upon your company, games, and services, and, to sum it up, your company/companies will lose money. Also, many people will attempt to sue you (I don't know if this is allowed or not for lying on game specs) or will try to get their money back, wasting your time on making new games for the public. Sincerely hoping this problem can be fixed (PLZZZZZZ), Ch0pSh0t