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  1. MusicMan05

    Why Are Gold Weapons So Bad?

    The Unique gold weapons aren't that great. Gold tier versions of standard weapons are better than their orange tier versions. They have more damage, durability, and an extra repair.
  2. MusicMan05

    The Latest Patch Issues

    The Enhanced Edition added Night Hunters as regular night enemies along with the Volatiles. One thing I've noticed is an increase in Night Hunters after the latest patch. Before it was usually 1 Night Hunter with 2-3 Volatiles. Now it's 2-3 Night Hunters with 1 Volatile. This makes playing at night on Night almost impossible. Nighttime no longer awards any experience for surviving the night, so there's really no point to playing at night on Nightmare. Techland could you consider buffing the Legendary Skills to the following percentages: Melee +10% Throwing +15% Firearms +20% That way players can be more lethal against the Infected on Nightmare, and have an incentive for leveling legendary. This would prevent Firearms from being the go to Nightmare weapon as melee weapons would be effective too.
  3. MusicMan05

    March Patch

    Except it is nice to give friends 10-20 packages to help them level their Survivor Skill Tree.
  4. MusicMan05

    I'm Left A Unsure About This Latest Patch?

    Why are you attempting to correct Night Hunters as Night Walkers? I wasn't talking about Night Walkers, Virals or Biters anywhere in my post. As for making Nightmare easier, buffing the Legendary Skill damage would make it easier as you level up, adding a sense of progression for players who already have the best gear. Meanwhile players that like the high hp zombies can opt out of buffing their damage by respecing and not investing points into the damage skills if they feel it's too easy/boring.
  5. MusicMan05

    I'm Left A Unsure About This Latest Patch?

    They patch broke more than it fixed. Here's what changes I've noticed that aren't listed in the patch notes: -Can't share crate drops (This was due to players duplicating them to max their Legendary Level in a short period of time) -Legendary Firearm skill nerfed. I was hoping they'd balance out the weapons on Nightmare by increasing the bonus to melee/throwing while slightly lowering the Firearm bonus. Instead they nerfed Firearms hard so know your damage output will never be high enough to fight the Infected on Nightmare.. At this point what's the point in Legendary Levels? Our characters are already strong enough to fight the Infected on Normal/Hard. I figured the skills would eventually allow players to be almost as powerful against the Infected on Nightmare as they are on Hard once one of the damage skill was maxed, but that's not the case now. -Survive the Night Bonus Exp. Prior to the patch I was getting a few hundred thousand experience for staying out the entire night. Now I receive 0 exp for surviving the night. What's the point in playing at night when: 1.) We don't receive the survival bonus and 2.) We'll never be strong enough to fight the Night Hunters and Volatiles on Nightmare due to the nerf. The double Agility exp is hardly worth anything, so farming The Stuffed Turtle and turning in the Disaster Relief Packages is the only good way of farming Legendary exp now. (Hopefully they don't lower the Exp Reward for turning in Relief Packages in the next update....) -Loot drop rates. After the Enhanced Edition patch I found 1 gold weapon and a handful of Orange weapons in GRE quarantine chests on Nightmare. After the latest patch I'm primarily finding white/green weapons and found 2 blues and 1 purple. This was after 10 runs of Stuffed Turtle (20 chests), and 4 runs of Sunnyside Apartments (20 chests) plus multiple hard/very hard locked containers on the Infamy Bridge on Nightmare. Opening 50+ chests and primarily finding Whites/Greens doesn't feel right compared to before. Of course I could just be having extremely bad luck with the RNG. -Increased number of Night Hunters. The last few times I tried staying out at night testing the Survive/Escape exp rewards I had 2-3 Night Hunters and 1 Volatile pursuing me each time. Prior to the patch it was usually 1 Night Hunter and 2-3 Volatiles. I'm not sure if this was a result of the patch, or if I just had unlucky spawns. -The Camouflage skill still doesn't Camouflage the player from Volatiles/Night Hunters -Community Made Maps. We were supposed to receive 4 yet we can only play 2. The Tunnel is also labeled as Under the City. I feel like the latest patch did more harm than good.
  6. MusicMan05

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    That's because you're playing on Hard. The damage on Nightmare is where players are having an issue. The high damage guns were the only way of taking down Night Hunters. With a 500% boost, a 15,300 damage pump shotgun would still take me over a full clip (8+ rounds) to kill a Night Hunter, and there was still a huge risk that it, or a Volalite, Viral or Night Walker would quickly kill me costing me all the experience I had currently gained. Now it'll take 25 Firearm points and 2+ clips (16+ rounds) to kill one Night Hunter, which is unlikely to happen as you'll likely be dead long before that point. Currently Nightmare is a challenge, but it's far from being balanced. To balance it back out Legendary Levels should allow a fighting chance on Nightmare. Meanwhile players that want to keep the difficulty as hard as when they first started can opt out of using Legendary Skills, which would be a win/win.
  7. MusicMan05

    Patchnotes For Xbox / Pc?

    They also fixed replaying quarantine zones. (The Enhanced Edition patch broke the original fix.) We are missing two of the community maps they advertised though, and one of the ones we did get appears to have the wrong name.
  8. MusicMan05

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    And maybe increase the melee weapon bonus up from +4%. I think the following would be reasonable: Melee +10% up 6% Throwing +15% up 7% Firearms +20% up 10% Bows +40% This way the strongest weapons could look something like this: -Pump Shotgun ~ 15,000 damage instead of 8,750 damage -Katana ~ 7,500 damage instead of 5,000 damage -Bozak Bow ~ 4,500 damage -Modern Throwing Axe ~ 1,000 damage instead of 600 damage
  9. According to the trailer patch 1.10 was supposed to add: The Tunnel (Under the City) The Hunter Climb Down to 21 Teevee Instead all we got was The Tunnel and Climb Down to 21. I'm also assuming The Tunnel being called Under the City is also a mistake.
  10. MusicMan05

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    Unfortunately for console players restoring it via mods is not an option. We're stuck unless Techland decides to change it again in the next update.
  11. MusicMan05

    Night-Walkers In Daytime? [Bug]

    I don't care about who you are, and I rarely pay attention to the poster when replying. I'm replying to the information that's posted as being incorrect. And the developers wouldn't have noticed a major bug during testing?... What would you call the double van door bug, and other bugs that were addressed in the latest update. Not everything is caught right away. If the Night Walkers were always ment to behave this way, then how come they didn't until after the Enhanced Edition update? Their behavior of changing after dusk was changed in the base game as well, and not just in the Following. Isn't it a little odd that they'd completely change their behavior a year after the game released? It's also like the bug introduced in one of the updates that causes Virals to chase after you when you haven't made any loud noises.
  12. MusicMan05

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    I figured the bonuses where to help out in Nightmare. At 500% it was still taking a few rounds to kill a Volalite and a full clip to kill Night Hunters with the Engraved Pump Shotgun. I didn't get far enough to see how many rounds it would take to download a Demolisher on Nightmare... Now the gun will be doing half the damage I was originally doing once the skill maxed. Looks like they don't want us killing the big guys on Nightmare. I think lowering it to +500% would have been more reasonable than +250%. This nerf was unfair. For those that were complaining about it being OP, all they had to do was respect their Legendary Tree and not max the Firearms Skill. Instead everyone is forced to change how they were playing prior to this latest patch.
  13. MusicMan05

    Disaster Relief Guy Not Giving Exp.

    Was it changed in the patch? I thought he would only give Reputation points for the Followers, but at max reputation he would award Survivor exp.
  14. MusicMan05

    Night-Walkers In Daytime? [Bug]

    I've watched the old videos and the only time you see the Biters change into Night Walkers is after the sun is setting. The original explanation was that as the sun sets the Infected grow stronger. (Which is a result of the lack of UV light.) I've also noticed in the past that Night Walkers, just like Night Hunters and Volatiles don't like UV lights. If I stood near the UV lights of a safe zone the Volatiles and Night Walkers would remain at bay, while the Biters and Virals approach like normal. The rising of the Sun would then send them scurrying away, and put the Night Walkers back to their more docile Biter form, as the Volatiles sought out dark zones. Now when the Sun rises the Night Hunters and Volatiles run away seeking dark zones, but the Night Walkers remain Night Walkers. It's like the Enchanted Edition is causing them not to register the Sun's UV light and behave like Virals once they turn. (Before they had to stare at the sun setting before they could turn into a Night Walker... which made hanging around Biters at sunset interesting because you would never know if some of the Biters around you would change and come running after you once they were finished watching the sunset.)
  15. The Volalite Hives have some form of connection with the Night Hunters. Destroying the Hives the Night Hunter protects is how you win a Be the Zombie match. Also OP, the country side is Haran as far as I know. Haran isn't just a City, it's a City State. So nuking the country side is nuking Haran. As far as Ground Zero for the infection, Old Town is Quarantine Zone Zero, while the Slums was Quarantined off next followed by all of Harran. The Dam can't be Ground Zero, as you claim, when the outbreak started in Old Town, aways away from the Dam. (But they Dame could be "Ground Zero" for the infection spreading into Harran's Countryside and what's causing the new, stronger Infected types.) We know, the Mother, and her husband the Colonel, were Infected after the inital outbreak. The chemical substance, your "source," could have been created as a result of the testing done inside the Stadium after the outbreak. Also all of the Infected Species cannot be a result of that chemical. The Bolters were a result of Dr Zere's research. Some of the other Infected types could have been a result of tests done inside the Harran Stadium. Oh, and the Mother didn't just turn and kill the Faceless. She killed everyone in the Dam, Faceless and Rais' men, to prevent Rias' men from getting their hands on the chemical. The ending where Kyle takes the elixir shows him exit outside of the Harran Quarantine Zone, and into the neighboring country. In some ways this could be the best option because: Option 1: Detonate a Nuke in Harran. There's a good chance the virus won't be destroyed and the radiation could trigger worse mutations. The blast could even spread the Virus out of the Quartier Zone, infecting people outside of Harran. Option 2: Kyle escapes the Quarantine Zone, but as Volatile. There's a high chance he'll spread the infection and not survive the night. If he survives the night he'd likely try finding a way back to Dr Camden. Having access to the chemical that caused the sentient mutation and a willing test subject, Dr Camden could finally get the break he needed for creating a cure after all. A few questions I have are: Was Kaan part of the Haran military? Was he in contact with Rais? Did he send his man into the Slums to find out why Rais went radio silent again?