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    Dying Light Collectors Edition

    Ya I wish I could get all this amazing items with my Dying Light game. I have been waiting forever for this game!
  2. WizarD

    Dying Light Dev Drops Last Gen Consoles

    I understand why everyone is so ticked off but I mean the only reason they did it so the gane can be as good as possible. I mean I'm not happy about it but I understand why they are doing it. I think everyone of freaked out should take a page of HaNYolO's book
  3. WizarD

    Limited Edition?

    1. Any news on a limited edition game? 2. Would you want it? 3. If you do want it what do you think it should contain? 4. Wouldn't a Volatile statue be epic?
  4. WizarD

    Limited Edition?

    Hey is there any word on this since the game is closer to coming out?
  5. WizarD

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Ya. I think we should all wait until Early Access submit supee big ideas
  6. WizarD

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    As you can see by my name I'm gonna be a mage. Probably find some Ultimate Ice Staff kind of weapons and also possibly use Enchanted Crossbows!
  7. WizarD


    One of the many cool creatures of hell. Using the way it looked in the original Greek stories put into a game would be brilliant in my opinion! Anyone else like this idea?
  8. WizarD

    Be The Zombie Mode (Hunter)

    Just found it XD
  9. WizarD

    Be The Zombie Mode (Hunter)

    Where did you watch this mode because I tried looking everywhere!
  10. WizarD

    Dynamic Weather?

    1. Would people enjoy this? 2. Will there be any? 3. What kinds do you wanna see? 4. How will it affect gameplay and zombies?
  11. WizarD

    New Trailer Details

    At 1:40 in the trailer what was that exactly? It look like an electric fire weapon.
  12. WizarD


    Actually isn't this based on European folklore? Silly me. Is it or just any kind of myths?
  13. WizarD

    New Trailer Details

    I saw that and it made really good sense.
  14. WizarD

    New Trailer Details

    I think it was a pipe but if there making it so you can have 2 mods per weapon that would be epic!
  15. WizarD

    Limited Edition?

    I would love to know if there would be a limited edition of this game because I would buy it in a heartbeat but I have to get my money first. So if you have any info on that thanks!
  16. 1. Have you shown us all the Special Infected that are in the game? 2. Do you still have tricks up your sleeves for other Special Infected? 3. Any hints towards cool ideas for different Special Infected?
  17. WizarD

    Type Of Infected?

    At 3:09 there is a zombie that explodes when shot in a bunch of black blood. Can any of the Techland guys explain him? Is he an Infected we already know or another special one?
  18. WizarD

    Limited Edition?

    A Volatile statue would be terrifying and any collector would love it. Also maybe a Dying Light zombie guide where it talks about all the special zombies from Dying Light.
  19. WizarD

    Dying Light - Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there any idea of a limited edition? A Volatile statue would be pretty wicked!