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  1. So I really love Dying light, been playing it for hours. I have my agility at Rank 22 and my strength at 24. But my survivor Rank is stuck at 24 (max is 25) it says I have 474000 XP and nex level is in 475000 and I won't gain/lose any XP for that Rank... Please tell me they will patch this right away I wish to not start over... plus this whole fear of my characters stats, inventory, and storage resetting (As people are talking about) I am eager that they find a fix for all of this right away. Anyone else having this issue? Also this happened to me on Xbox One
  2. Has this still not been patched?!
  3. Robo Ryan

    Save Bug/inventory Lost Issue

  4. I own the Xbox One version and I heard people would play online co-op or single player and loose everything, was this ever fixed?
  5. Robo Ryan

    Save Bug/inventory Lost Issue

    How about a answer if this next patch will fix this 100% because everyone refuses to play there game till they know they have nothing of a risk of loosing everything. The patch just released has confirmed to not of fixed the save issue, plus why fix the dupe glitch first? Priorities? I mean would you be OK to loose 32+ hours of work? I doubt it, so realize we want this to never be an issue, maybe have a alternate way to lessen risks aka a second save (Or have the game save in multiple time intervals so it can load the time before it crashed)
  6. Yeah wish Devs would at least say something