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    Hello. Thanks for your reply. I got the rifles by doing a side quest. Talk to the guy by the quartermaster at the tower. He will tell you that "Jafar" (One of the people you collected money from for Rais) needs some help. Go to "Jafar", and he will tell you about a transmission he heard over the radio. He will tell you to investigate. It will lead you to a construction-type site and you will have to kill some of Rais' men. They will have Assault Rifles. Once you kill them, you can pick up their weapon AND ammo by walking over the gun. Molotov's work very well, but if you don't have any or can't craft them, Throwing Star's are a great alternative. Brute force, my favorite approach, isn't recommended, but, it's do-able.
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    Hello Devs! First of all, great game! Although I enjoyed it a lot more when I was just starting the game, I think that this will be one of the best Zombie-Games of the next few years. However, I am a noob! Sadly. I am only around 25% percent through the Main-Story and less through the Side-Quests. I was watching someone stream the game before I purchased it, and he was LESS progressed through the game, and had better weapons than me AND he could buy ammo from the Trade Stations! How! Lol, I love melee in this game, but I really love the peace of mind I get knowing that if chupacabra goes down, I have a fully loaded AR with 2 mags and 1911 clipped to my left leg. How do you unlock the ability to buy ammo/guns? Now I do have guns, I have a few police weapons and a military weapon and I had a pistol but I gave it to the peace of chupacabra that I don't want to give spoiler alerts lol. So I have guns, but how do you buy them/ammo?