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  1. Commander

    Coop Gameplay Video

    hi bryanfury...where you from? we can play together maybe Anyway i really like that you see flashlight from other players thats really cool,you dont even need your flashlight turned on if your friends use it lol
  2. Commander

    Animation And Contrast Changes?

    i must say you did a very good job with this last pictures...i really like it,especially last one it has beautiful color and surprise Techland still looks apocaliptistick i mean how in hell that little more colorfull world can ruin apocalipthistic feel? I too hope they change that because this original pictures looks like everywhere is dust which make maybe sense but looks chupacabra.but who knows maybe if you play it like really play it by your own in Fullhd with all this stuf turned max it will look pretty.
  3. Commander

    Animation And Contrast Changes?

    Wolfmeister1010 it seems that you dont like nothing about this game.You know when you dont like something that doesnt mean someone else dont like it.I agree that first gameplay was like WOW with lightning even when materials have some stupid HDR effects like in dead island which now dont have and i like it more but... that was played probaly on 2 titans and 8 core 5ghz procesor so you know when you have this "Nextgen" consoles you have to reduce graphic if it runs well so get over it
  4. Commander


    Will this game feature pre-download on steam?.that means that i can download game like 3-2 days before release and when its released i can play it and dont need to download anything anymore.
  5. Please just stop showing new gameplay...its getting too far.Ok i know this is like commercial for game but at least stop showing at Fb every week new gameplay.Like seriously im getting bored of all this just because i seen probably whole game.
  6. Commander


    Lol i know you use your own chrome 6 engine.I ask what engine do you use for physics but its probably all the same engine.You know...because some engines use other physics engines for calculate the physics, for example source engine+havok or RAGE ENGINE+euphoria(in gta5)but whatever I do not need to know everithing:D
  7. Commander


    Title says everithing.Can you save the game anytime?
  8. Commander


    First of all i really like the way how you smash zombie and he fall down or fly away if you aiming right so my question is what physics engine do you use? You made it from basics with chrome engine 6 or euphoria,havok... ?just want to know
  9. Commander

    Can't You Wait To Play Dying Light Like Me?

    you should say your name is CAST HaNYolO because when i search for Woopgamer its found only that profile.
  10. Commander

    Can't You Wait To Play Dying Light Like Me? is that you?
  11. Commander

    Can't You Wait To Play Dying Light Like Me?

    whats your name on steam?
  12. Commander

    Fighting System

    yea...something like that...well i dont have console so i dont exacly know how it works but i read about it.Anyway it will be nice if that was possible and also if you can turn it on or off (on PC).Please Techland make this reality
  13. Commander

    Fighting System

    Hi..i would like to know if the fighting system with mele weapon work that way-I was thougt what i seen from videos that you can chose with your mouse or controller where you hit zombie...i mean when you move your mouse to left then weapon hit zombie to the left(arm or whatewer) .The same way with punching to the right or up...i was thinking it will be good idea if it work like that or somehow like that Please answer if it work that way or its just clicking the mouse PS:sorry for my english