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  1. this is why i dont buy season passes anymore at least not until most of the best dlc is out an i know wot im getting for the money. i havnt played the dlc but from what ive read its no way worth the £15 or 20 bucks it costs. the only season pass il buy these days are for borderlands an i may buy the witcher 3 season pass before the dlc is out as cd prjeckt red are quit good with stuff an i feel they can be kinda trusted at least. il likely wait until the first dlc is out tho still. but even with borderlands, the pre sequel kinda screwed the players with its season as people assumed it would be like the previous 2 an be for 4 campaign dlcs but instead they gave em one main story dlc, a relatively crappy but ok arena style dlc and 2 new characters. not what anyone actually expected gearbox to do with its season pass when you compare it to previous games in the franchise an i dont think gearbox even bothered to tell people it was only going to be one campaign/story dlc an classes/arena for the rest. this whole season pass business is getting a bit out of hand now. its one thing to lump together all the dlc to sell it for a discounted price all in one. but its another thing to intentionally make crappy tid bits or cut stuff out of the main game with the sole purpose to jus sell it as side dlc in one crappy package an make more money than its remotely worth. it seems to be whats happening more an more an why season pass dlc is increasingly getting crappier an crappier. thanks for the heads up about the horde dlc. i will defo wait a while until the next dlc is out an likely until it gets largely discounted before i purchase any of it or the pass. its jus a shame developers feel the need to sell us chupacabra like this as actual dlc and as the content of a season pass instead of jus putting it in the game for free as it probably should be an then creating an actual proper dlc or 3 an charging 20 bucks each or something like 40 for the 3 in a season pass that is worth the money thats been spent on it an actually adds something decent and enjoyable an most importantly worth while to the game. those 3 dlc could be spread out across a year or so thus giving the devs more time to develop them an also giving the players content that is actually worth the money an on par with the base game.
  2. championpuffa

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    until someone actually finds one legit im not believing that they are in the game. yes pc can mod them in so they do exist in the files obviously. but the drop rate is either bugged or non existent imo, until someone shows otherwise. nothing in any game has been quit this rare that it would take over a month or 6 weeks after release an still not one person has found one. the odds of probability effectively mean someone should have found one by now with millions of people playing.
  3. championpuffa

    Worthless Programmers

    it only saves story progress once you get to certain check points in the story. they are not far apart but if you dont finish up your quest or get to the next checkpoint youl loose progress the game tells you this before you quit. also this is pretty much how the majority of story based games work with save/check points. especially ones that do not have manual save options. the game saves everything else when you quit it jus doesnt save if you half way through a quest an quit in the middle of doing something. i dont really see anything wrong with the design. sometimesif i quit at the wrong time it can be annoying but i never loose much progress, maybe 10 minutes here an there.
  4. championpuffa

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    regaredless of wether his inventory is legit or not the dude is still on pc so we can not be sure if he has changed the drop rate for them or modded them into the game either way.
  5. championpuffa

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    im still not playing this game until the devs decide to fix the gold weapon drops. doesnt seem to be much point in playing otherwise. ive completed it on normal and am half way through a newgame on hard. its a great game but i jus keep feeling my time playing is kinda wasted if these gold weapons are not dropping and id rather wait it out an see if it gets fixed then my time would be better spent, kinda.
  6. championpuffa

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    the odds defo need increasing that should not even have to be discussed. if nobody out of all console players have found one in what is now coming up to nearly a month since they were released it should be obvious the drop rate is waaay too low its pretty much set at non existent as it is now. it should not take this long to find any kind of item in the game especially not a rare weapon (unless there is only the one rare weapon to find then fair enough). i mean come on i thought the pearls in bl1 and bl2 were damn rare but this is ridiculous. im not even going to bother looking or probably playing the game until the drop rate changes or a few people post videos showing how to get them cos if they are defo in the game now but no ones found a single one yet there must be a very specific set of actions you have to complete that no one has figured out yet in order to find one?!
  7. championpuffa

    Finally I Found A Gold Tier Weapon [Ps4+Video]

    problem is tho the devs might see this thread without actually reading or opening it an think thats the gold weapons are working as someone actually found one.
  8. championpuffa

    April Fool Effect: Do We Need That?

    yea but its not like the game has much challenge anyway once you get to a certain level, so its kinda irrelevant if it takes any challenge away.
  9. championpuffa

    April Fool Effect: Do We Need That?

    well its on teh official youtube channel for dying light/techland and they are advertising it as happening so it looks like it will be added. i doubt it takes very much "dev time" if any at all to implement something as simple as this. what is it jus a single line of code that needs changing?? an it can probably be applied via a hotfix of some sort. so its not like its going to take up time that could be better spent elsewhere. from the yotube comments aswell it seems the extra tiny amount of time they invested to bring this small change for a quick bit of fun has actually paid off for them as it has meant more people are now going to buy the game an support techland as they feel its a good thing doing lil bits like this for the community and your game after release. i cant complain il wait an see wot happens its april fools afterall so this could jus be a joke although itd be
  10. championpuffa

    The Museum

    you can get your stuff back from any stash in any safehouse. u dont have to use that specific one. the game does tell you this at some point with a pop up window telling you to collect it at any stash etc.
  11. championpuffa

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    i think we should be finding more than at least one after 100 hrs of playing tbh. there is no economy in this game so making something so damn rare an take so long to acquire makes no sense wot so ever. realistically we should be able to find a gold tier weapon at least every 8-15 hrs of play at the absolute longest and ideally we should be finding one on average of 4-6 hrs of playing. i mean the borderlands pearl weapons in either bl1 or 2 are pretty damn rare but you still had people finding those legit within hours of the update being released. anyway its blatantly obvious the gold weapons drop rate is broken, otherwise out of millions of players all with the ability to share their experience or most of them at least (assuming they have net access) there should have been at least one person on console uploading a video or screenshot of a gold tier weapon being found. but so far a few weeks even after the update we still have not a single one. that makes zero sense if these weapons are actually in the game cos unless there is a specific process we need to be doing that nobody has figured out yet in order to make one drop then the odds of the rng should have made at least one drop in someones game by now even with a ridiculously low drop rate of 0.01% really this should have happened after the first few days if not hours of the update being released.
  12. championpuffa

    Question From The Devs

    i would be playing it for the new gold weapons but it seems they do not currently exist on ps4/xbone and can only be modded in on pc. so until a patch makes those weapons actually available il be playing bloodborne and borderlands to get my loot fix from gaming. also tho the weapons could use a lil more variety. as others have said there are not many to choose from an the main reason for me to keep playing is to explore an find new loot an items an stuff to play around with. i dont tend to play co-op or mulitplayer but will give it a go at some point. im not even max level yet an i feel i have to stop for a bit jus cos of the weapons or lack of them. its nice you added a few more at later levels tho.
  13. championpuffa

    Ng+ On Hard Mode..

    i didnt think you could go back to normal once you change your save file to hard mode. it gives u a msge that says its a one way deal i thought. but yea if you want wot you get got finishing the game on hard mode you have to start a fresh new game on hard. i dont think you miss out on much tho if you jus start you newgame+ on hard. it doesnt feel that much harder tho when your already max level. i started again for the hell of it an prefer it to if i had jus converted my normal save an carried on hard with ng+
  14. championpuffa


    Reset your browser an delete all its data etc. it logs u in cos ur browser is saving ur details an has them hard saved so it logs u in automatically. Either that or sign out an then sign back in but make sure u do not have the "remember me" box ticked. Probably better to reset your browser tho.
  15. championpuffa

    Pc Patch 1.5 Glitch(Game Wrecking)

    good luck getting a fix if you pc doesnt meet the minimum requirements unless this problem effects other users that do meet them i doubt techland will bother trying to fix it. they have put a set of minimum requirements to run the game for a reason. i dont mean to sound rude or anything, but im sure i saw a post that said not to bother trying to run this game on anything lower than the min spec listed or if you do dont expect support when your game doesnt run/work or gets broken in a patch etc. or something to that effect. also what graphics card do you have on your pc? if its the 840A then make sure you resolution is turned down to 720p or 1280x720 if its lower like the 820 then youl need to put the resolution even lower. something like 800x600 thats the only graphics card i could find in the lenovo all in ones that i can see.