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  1. Any one else using a Logitech Rumblepad2? Or a non 360 controller? I've found a few problems. A )The rear bumper buttons do not seem to respond in game. B )Jump seems to be screwy. The majority of the time your character jumps straight up - whether from a stand still or a full sprint. In order to get it to leap forward, I have to double tap the jump and hold it on the second press(and even then it's not 100% guaranteed). I've tried using XBOX 360 emulator and that did not solve the issue. Then I ran Xpadder and set all my trigger/bumper buttons to the keyboard stroke I use for jumping. On the plus side, they all respond(which gets around "A" which I mentioned above). However unfortunately it doesn't solve the issue and my character still jumps straight up. I grab the keyboard/mouse and try it and it works fine. Any ideas?