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  1. Wi7cher

    Info On Ultimate Survival Bundle And Hard Mode

    Will the patch 1.4 be release on 10th of march also for the EU-Versions? Actuall we are on Version 1.2
  2. Wi7cher

    Dying Light Ost?

    The soundtrack is available on iTunes, too! Love it!
  3. Wi7cher

    Dying Light Ost?

    Any news when the soundtrack is available?
  4. Wi7cher

    Spam Bots

  5. Wi7cher

    Spam Bots

    It's not possible to post here anymore. Please, Techland solve this spam bots trouble. The forum is useless in this status!
  6. Wi7cher

    2-12-15 Update Notes Ps4.....

    Hmmm, no update in Germany? Has anyone recived the update in EU?
  7. Wi7cher

    No Hud Option In The Future Patch ?

    100% agree! Please Techland, add this in one of the next updates for consoles!
  8. Wi7cher

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    That's right, the value is not worth 20€. But you can wait for a PSN discount. This is what I do often to buy DLCs. And the outfits, yes I have the same problem with them. It's cool to change the outfit, but you can only see your shoes and parts of your arms, so thats only for the other coop-players.
  9. Wi7cher

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    Well, you don't have to buy it. Techland annonced what the season pass will contain. Every season pass is only fan service. If your are a big fan of the game than maybe it's worth for you. The season pass is not Dying Light 1.5!
  10. Wi7cher

    Co-Op Issue/connection Problems

    Great news! I hope the consoles patches will arrive soon. See ya in Harran!
  11. Wi7cher

    Techland Wise Up

    That's it! I don't know why people want to be lvl 25 in 10 minutes - this ruins your own game experience. I love it to be low lvl, this keeps the survival aspect hight. Btw, DL is the hell of a zombie game! The Walking Dead 2.0!
  12. Wi7cher

    Add Abilty To Look At Your Watch

    I want to have this feature for the consoles too!
  13. Wi7cher

    Dying Light Ost?

    The Dying Light soundtrack is amazing! Wish i could hear it at work, so please consider to make it available. You guys rock, thx for such a great game!
  14. Wi7cher

    Dying Light Soundtrack Giveaway

    My badass moment: I had to get some stuff for a guy. 2 Zombies were in front of the house. Ok, just 2 of them. I knocked them down, when a Zombie with a oxygen tank came. I hit the tank, and it exploded. I hurried up to open the looked door. Got inside, closed the door, got the stuff and escaped throught the side entrance. I sneak with a big smile away. When suddenly 2 Runners came out of the zombie crowd. chupacabra! chupacabra! chupacabra! I started running, looked behind and they came nearer. I knocked one down, health was very low, I jumped from a bridge and could escape! After that I went to the kitchen and got a beer! What a great game! Greetings from Germany!