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  1. Sleepy

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    Well said.
  2. There is a lot of spam and unanswerd questions, you guys need to get some moderators, clean up the place, and keep this forum under-control. Aswell to inform us a little bit more on what you guys are doing, because I am very interested and want to know if you are doing alright. So can you please, please, get more mods and answer more questions? I would be so happy if you saw this. P.S: Is Hellraid doing alright?
  3. I was wondering if Hellraid was still in development, the forum is gone, there is no recent news, and I am getting kinda worried here. Watching the hellraid stream got me super hyped and excited. Hellraid looks to be my dream game I always wanted to be a Knight/Warrior with a two-handed sword and Kill demons. So I am hoping you will see this and shed some light on us. Thank you for reading. P.S Dying light was an awesome game!
  4. Sleepy

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    ..... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Puts gun against head* Is there any chance you can release a demo to keep us waiting? The demo you played in the: New Incarnation Of Hellraid Gameplay With Commentary
  5. Sleepy

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    I will be A heavily armored knight with a two-handed sword, along side with a sword and shield. If possible I will have a crossbow too.
  6. Sleepy


    Behold, my genius grammar.
  7. I am not Demanding to know when the early access will be released, but a mear wonder or heads up notification about the EA. Sorry about the topic title, what I ment to say was " Any notes on the ea release, developers?
  8. Sleepy


    So I was wondering, will there be any bandits of some sort aka flesh enemies besides zombies. Because I think it would be kind of boring just fighting skeletons over again. Also any rumors of any EA release date? Would love to hear it. P.S Will there be any Two handed swords?
  9. Sleepy

    Where Is The Early Access?

    I am so happy that you answered my question Pawel, and I respect your answer and I will hang tight for the EA. Happy halloween!
  10. It is 2 days untill the end of fall and I am waiting for you to post the release of the EA, techland developers I beg of you to just please tell me when is the EA release?
  11. Ankshus to play Hellraid

  12. Sleepy

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Hello Techland! I can't wait for your game! I have 1 simple question. Will there be random customized weapons, kinda like borderlands? That is all Thank you for reading my question.