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  1. Copy pasta from my nexus file This mod aim for Dying Light "trailer like" gameplay where everything look threatening enough at day, while the night are only meant for seasoned runner. Current mod achievement (so far) New Night Mode system, your action will produce sound that attract more Night Walker (night viral type). Either go stealth, GO LOUD!!, or go home. Survivor event at night, are you willing to risk your life for saving random person....at night?? Hostile Survivor, some people are desperate enough to get what they need in order to survive. Brand new loot tier system, Instead of getting current weapon level tier over and over. the weapon you get will be randomized, where the higher the weapon tier, the harder the percentage to get it. Huge nerf to melee weapon, now top tier two-handed weapon only does 300 damage max. Firearms adjusting making pistol type worth using (Hitting enemy in arm and leg now also do bonus damage). Also swapping police rifle characteristic with military rifle. Increase Rifle Ammo to 150, Pistol to 80. Explosive, Increasing explosive damage while limiting the max ammount of explosive you can carry to 5 only. Remove day Viral icon on radar. Now you have to depend on the voice. Preview Skill (for testing purpose, will be removed later on) Enable Takedown (stomp, front & back takedown) at power lv. Enable charge attack at power lv.2 On Progress Specialization skill (Planned, still working on it), make your character doing better at some stuff, while reducing the the other stat. Also special thx to techland to make modding possible (and fun ofc). I hope the modding tool allow us to access certain data that require hexcode or other complicated stuff that i don't undertand Feel free to post about feedback and stuff here
  2. Radikal

    Radikal Harran Survival Mod

    updated, now with random hostile survivor spawn (still working to release separate spanner instead of stick to zombie spawner), and Night event.
  3. Radikal

    Mod Compatibity With Other Users?

    The best way is to copy your Data3.pak and give it your friend (kind tedious but there are no other way)
  4. Instead of just separating unmoded and moded games, now you need THE EXACT SAME DATA in order to see each other. -First we got region locked public multiplayer loby. -Now we moded data users need to get the exact same data to see each other. How far this company would do to keep segmenting playerbase??? Just make a lobby for people with moded or unmoded game, also enable option to allow option to create room that only available if you have certain mod. In my region, there are barely any game available before this patch and now there are none....NONE!!! do you really have to push me this far to use network service and probably play with people that have cracked games?
  5. If you play outside the NA/EU region, you will find this "big fuss out of nothing" into a major problem easily because it is already that difficult to find people to play together in here (region lock ftw). Then come the mod barrier with it's "restriction", making it impossible to connect unless you use the EXACT SAME DATA as your friend does. Adding cream on the top, current patch make applying mod much-much harder because the old method sometimes doesn't work (need to inject it directly on Dying Light steam folder). Now, does techland currently do anything about this? nope, they did NOTHING AT ALL!! no reply, no tutorial on how to apply mod, no explanation whatsoever. We still need to solve the problem by ourself, i think this how they meant for "the game are now mod-able".
  6. Radikal

    My Mod Wont Work... Again.

    Try convert your mod into Data3.pak (just rename it from .zip file) and copy it inside Dying Light Steam/DW/ Yep, techland right now is trying to make modded user suffer with their 1.4.0 .
  7. Radikal

    Radikal Harran Survival Mod

    Yep, all you have to do is to extract data0.pak and edit the speisific file that you want with your trusty notpad++, still for PC version only though.
  8. yeap, saw it in your nexus mod description, thank you btw. Still trying to make it user-friendly (people who don't want x data can just delete it), but if there is no other way then i might have to use your method
  9. After couple test, I assume the current state of moded file are broken as sh*t. If you DO clean uninstall (delete data and verify cache) and trying to apply the mod, most likely you are unable to use it because....you need DL manager in order to reenable the mod once again. WTH WRONG WITH YOU DEV!!!! you said the game is NOW MODABLE!! why we still need to download 3rd party program to make it work (if you use the old method).
  10. I just stopped using dying light manager since i think you don't even need this to enable moded files anymore
  11. Radikal

    Script Access

    right now the best method for increasing health & damage is to tweak it from param.scr (Dead Island Method), export, and presets data, since any attempt on moddyfing the .xmi will resulted on unresponsive string. Anyone who could solve the curve riddle please share do share the tips.
  12. 1. Can you see other people who use different moded file? that is the real question over there. 2. Don't know what you are talking about since my mod run without ANY problem when playing on unmoded client. FYI, my mod does both clientside (weapon throwable damage adjusting, loot variety, skill modifier) and serverside (AI modifying, aggresion modifier, spawnrate modifier) tried playing with many different unmoded people and none of them complain about performance problem. @Obsurveyor: Try putting them inside out/data, mine also doesn't work after patch but work normaly when i put them inside the data folder.
  13. Radikal

    Suggestion For Calming The Modding Community

    Cross your finger for mod tools to have an option to register your mod to Dying Light database/ steam Workshop, also making moded game visible to all player using any mod no mather what it is.
  14. Why you need 10 lobby if you could create 1 "moded" lobby where everyone got their data modified can see each other, people who only want a specified mod can change the room rules via online option (i hope mod tool will able to do this, cross your finger). Seriously the answer is that simple, no need to think that far sheez. Current patch restriction maybe doesn't affect already known modder like you and me, but for smaller content modder and newcomer? most likely it will be a long walk for them, since most of their user will probably a single player oriented, and this game are made for multiplayer content.
  15. Radikal

    Radikal Harran Survival Mod

    It's still working, but now you need to put the file inside out/data instead of outside out folder like before.
  16. Nope it's actually a bad idea since you need the EXACT SAME DATA in order to be able to see each other, instead of creating different lobby for moded and unmoded client. finding matchmaking in certain region is already hard, and now this.
  17. So i want to make a vissual string that replace existing sub main() data with a new modified sub main() data that contain different parameter when i trigger an activation Example: sub main() { This is a pen; { density(10); } { When i trigger an activation, it will replaced by other data sub main() { This is a pen; { density(20); } } Desperately need help, Thank you
  18. Radikal

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    My mod modified the drop late, you are still able to see early stuff at shop, or even weared by rais thug
  19. Radikal

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    It is already in game btw but in order to do that you need to stun the zombie 1st (x-ray thing)
  20. Radikal

    Increased Difficulty

    I already made the the mod that limit the amount of molotov and weapon damage. why don't you check it out About more zombies i think it's not a good solution since it will become a burden to your machine and some people PC can't handle large mob type. The real question is "how to adjust the current zombie number to become deadly enough". @Destal: Since you are a developer, i assume you have programming experience, It will be great if you help us modder (especially me ) identify the program language they use to build .xml, .scr, .def .dat and the command system itself (data source for some data, yada..yada..yada)? since that would be awesome.
  21. Radikal

    Mod Idea.

    I think that can be solved by making toggleable skill that disable x skill while using y skill.
  22. Radikal

    Mod Idea.

    The actual problem aren't zombie current level but the melee damage itself. At higher level, the melee damage curve is just mind-blowing (i calculate every melee weapon data with excel btw). Dead Island using scale system where every damage you dealt will increase according to your own / or current weapon level, Dying Light weapon in the other hand doesn't have any level, while increase in survival level will result in another melee type instead of same weapon with high level. Enemy level also seems to become static instead of scaling accordingly to your character progress. The new system however has it's own benefit zone and allow us modder to developed it further to give birth to a brand new weapon system that doesn't need a hundred of new data on the process.
  23. Radikal

    Radikal Harran Survival Mod

    @Shockr: Thanks for the input, really appreciate the feedback. Keep improving, never give up
  24. Radikal

    Radikal Harran Survival Mod

    Thanks for the feedback, i think the problem currently lies in exp modifier since the higher lvl you have the more exp you got, also the some core skill are available at late game. Just removing the exp modifier will make the game tedious enough and turn it into a grindfest. I will think about other solution though.
  25. Radikal

    Radikal Harran Survival Mod

    Why don't you check the stuff that i already made by yourself?