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  1. Quinnsten

    Still Crashes In Coop After The Patch

    same my game crashes when playing with friend on pc
  2. Hey guys, I started playing dying light multi-player yesterday with a group of friends and when ever my gf (same house both using wireless connections) joins people start randomly getting disconnected to a point were its just me alone . If my gf is not in the game the 3 of us can play fine for hours if we so please. When she joins chaos breaks loose! We haven't tried her joining them without me yet as we got fed up last night so we will try that to eliminate her being the issue later when people are on. We have tried each person in party hosting the game but it happens regardless who is host we found. I am left to believe it is either the fact we are using the same external ip address or there is an issue with our wireless but mine seems to work fine. Has anyone else encountered this issue or does anyone have any ideas? I have a switch here with me so I am gonna try bridging my connection with my gf rather than her using wireless but we cannot both use wired connection to router as the router is only accessible by wireless at the moment so bridging a wireless connection via wire is my only option for her to not use wireless. I will also add we had the exact same issue with both dead island and dead island riptide so if anyone managed to fix that issue I would greatly appreciate knowing how hopefully without not using wireless as its a requirement atm.