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  1. KNITEpanda

    Btz Tweaks...please.

    PLEASE for the love of god, fix "Be The Zombie" Not enough Zombie AI...the streets are LITERALLY empty. If you want to add the fear factor to the game, yo uguys need to up the amount of AI on the streets. The hunter is strong, but not THAT strong. Especially since its easier for a lone survivor compared to 4 to win. PLEASE, get rid of the 10 second spawn timer as a Hunter...Sure, we have unlimited lives, but we do NOT have unlimited Nests. It takes 10 seconds to spawn on top of another 10-15 seconds just to catch up to the Survivors who are already destroying nests by the time you spawn. Add more spike traps to Olde Town? Not sure if this one is doable, but I find there are like no traps in this area (not a big deal, just a suggestion) This goes back to the first point. When I'm getting shot at by Survivors, the Viral sound effects begin to happen (same when suicide horde blows up) either make Virals actually increase the risk of using guns. Or get rid of the sounds...please. Cause otherwise there are still no Zombie threats around the map other than the few squishies by the nest. Fix the matchmaking please. Numerous times I get errors saying "invasion failed" or "failed to join the session in progress" or "session you're looking for no longer exists" And when I do get connected. It says other hunters "[username Here] failed to join the session" These are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed. I really want this gametype to be fun and something I can go to when I'm not playing campaign with my friends.
  2. KNITEpanda

    Gore Filter?

    This isn't a serious post is it? Whoa whoa whoa...You with GoT didn't have nudity so you can watch with the wife?!? WTF, why would that stop you? Me and my woman watch all of it together, nothing wrong with that. Nudity is NATURAL. Get over yourselves people. GTA 5 DOES have a nudity filter...JUST DONT GO TO THE STRIP CLUB. Sorry but if my girl hated the games I played...then we would have a problem, but at least I don't have to worry about that since we're both gamers and nudity doesnt bother either of us. This is a Z.O.M.B.I.E. S.L.A.S.H.E.R. of course there will be gore? The devs arent going to make it gore less just to appease a small group of people.
  3. KNITEpanda

    Zombie Respawning/deaf Zombie?

    My g/f and I experienced a bug near the one electric facility you have to turn on at night. I told her she could go for the 20 kills without being hit achievement and she threw like 5 mollys. They did nothing, so I had to run up to the zombies, draw agro, then they became targetable. It was kinda poopy.
  4. I've played PLENTY of combat games without a block feature...just get good. I've had no problems as of yet...
  5. KNITEpanda


    This made me lolz. Thanks for that. Modders make me giggle.
  6. KNITEpanda

    Need Confirmation About The New Patch

    Regretting it over a common bug found in games? Chill out kid, weapons aren't meant to be kept for long periods of time anyway...
  7. KNITEpanda

    Hardcore Mode/ Prestiges

    This would actually be really cool. I was actually wondering if there was even a New Game + Feature...once all trees are maxed. I wouldn't want to just run around randomly killing everything with 1-2 swings. Thats no fun. I also like the idea of being able to play Hardcore...Kind of like Diablo's. Get what skills you can and what kills you can all in one life. 1 Death and its game over.
  8. Eww no thanks. I'd rather not have someone join my game and attempt finishing my quests...or a friend of a friend for that matter. I will just stand away and continue doing what I want to do.