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    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    @quietusreaper My guess is that you're coming from a mainly survivor standpoint. Hunters get OHKd all the time, even post-patch. My Katana does 1874, and takes the NH to 8 HP with one swing. If your 2500 Katana only 3 hits, there's a major problem there. The Heavy Rebar, I've been one shot by it many times post-patch. Not sure if power attack or not, but nonetheless confusing. Nests, pre-patch they constantly got OHKd by end-game weapons. They still do. I find myself when being invaded, OHKing nests with my Katana. UV to weaken, and power attack. Still the same as pre-patch. NH is very UP in a 1v1 scenario. If you think not, you clearly haven't gone up against very experienced players yet. I have roughly 32 levels, and 15 hours of NH gameplay to back up my knowledge. I know how to play. The NH cannot chain-stun the survivor. If the survivor allows themself to be chain-stunned, it is their own fault (also given Ground Slam doesn't charge instantly thus, not enabling constant stun lock). Being chain-stunned can easily be avoided by going to different elevations, or backing away from the fight. Tackling...The bane of the NHs existance....These are way too underpowered. To think otherwise, is sheer ignorance. they take too long to proform, deal low amounts of damage (equal to a ground slam/punch), and are easily evaded. If a NH manages to Tackle you to death, you may want to rethink your approach. Spits. You cannot simply tackle a survivor into your spit. For that, you'd have to miss terribly to allow the tackle knockback to hit them into it, or just tackle them to a surface that the spit is stuck to. You cannot Horde spit, and UV spit at the same time, within the relative timeframe, yes. getting both spits on target (unless stuck) proves extremely hard against experienced players. The chances of getting both in 2 seperate Spit Slams are very low as well. Cooldowns are reduced with more players. The more players, the faster the cooldown is. The counters are much needed for the NH. Being able to use Tendril Locomotion is useless when you're being drop kicked, or being ariel assassinated. Not to mention these type of things tend to happen when the NH is at low energy, or has none at all, so Tendril Locomotion is either near uselessness, or unavailable completely. Being able to move fast isn't very useful when the entire 'Use this to move fast' option isn't available. Sneak attacks and evasion are extremely hard due to Survivor Sense. Constantly having an updated position on the NH allows for no surprise attacks. More often than not, the survivors turn around last second to UV and stop the pounce from happening. Evasion is insanely hard against players who drain your energy, and are the 25th rank in survivor. Using a grappling hook 4-5 times before cooldown, and switching to UV to insure no pounce occurs each time. With experienced players who tend to dodge spits, evade tackles, and interrupt pounces every time they can, going in balls-to-the-wall with Ground Pound, and Punch are the only logical choices as the survivors prevent any other form of damage. If you're flying in circles around the survivors whom are draining their UV trying to catch you, 1 of 2 things have happened: 1. The player(s) is(are) bad/unknowledgable at(about) how it works 2. The player does not know how to use their UV efficiently. I played a level 35 NH earlier on Sunday. He had trouble getting 3 kills on me before I reached the last nest. If a level 35 NH can't get 3 kills before I reached the last nest, there's something completely wrong here. I know he isn't bad. You don't get to the 35th NH level by being bad at the game. Water trolls = 1337 MLG pro players. There are tons of videos of Hunters being OHKd by survivors. Just look for them. If you have only lost 2 1v1 matches, 1 of 2 things has happened here as well: 1. You matched against newer players 2. You are decent at NH 9/10 times it'll most likely be option #1 (not saying you're a bad NH, just saying most new players tend to play alone) Night Hunter needs many buffs to put it on the level of the survivors. Yet again, to say otherwise is sheer ignorance. Low level NH against high level survivors, happens most of the time. you can't just automatically assume that every high level survivor gets paired with a bad NH though. even the best of the NHs get touched. There will be those games, but for the most part, an average NH WILL die at least once per game. The drop attack shouldn't hand out kills like it does. Also, are you saying if I Ground Slam a survivor, and he lands on a car then procceeds to drop attack me, that i deserved to die? No. I deserved a kill depending on the play made/planned beforehand. Guns are extremely unbalanced. You talking about your friend hitting you with an entire mag, means he was either using a pistol, or was a terrible shot. I constantly get shredded, 150 HP to 0 with one magazine from the Military rifle (post patch). The large aim assist doesn't help the situation either. Did I mention that there's no penalty to firing a weapon when being invaded? With the large lack of zombies, firing a weapon comes without penalization. Virals only spawn at nests, assuming you're firing outside of a nest, the shooter's completely fine. Again, Tendril Locomotion is used very sparingly in combat if the survivor is experienced. If they are, your energy will be drained/close to drain before you can break off, allowing them a kill with a rifle of any sort. pounce is the primary weapon of the NH, and is able to auto aim due to the prompt it requires. It is ranged due to balancing reasons. If a NH is able to pull off a successful pounce from max range and it is not interrupted, the survivor deserves to die. They would have had plenty of time to counter. Safe houses need to be removed when you get invaded.... I have been pounced through walls. It's due to netcode, hitboxing, and rarely lag. survivors can UV hitbox through certain objects, draining the NHs energy even though they shouldn't be able to. Think about reasoning and examples before giving ignorant conclusions to things that need attention. There are many examples and experiences opposing your claims.
  2. Oath Tsunami

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    I do agree with everything said. 1v1s are near impossible against an end-game/experienced player. I may also say that the survivors, can Death From Above, Drop Kick, and Ground Slam the NH. The only difference between a NH doing it, and a survivor? The NH can't counter any of these. For all of the counters available to the survivors, it'd only be fair to allow the NH counters to survivor abilities. If the Nh counter a survivors ability, I say it should leave them vulnerable for Pounce, as a countered Pounce, and evaded Tackle. Countless times I've charged a Ground Slam, and the survivor jumps off a car, and boom, free kill. This could be easily countered by allowing the NH to release the Ground Slam, knocking him into the air. The problem with Be the Zombie's current state, if you are to Ground Slam, and Pounce the survivor whilst in mid-air, the survivor can UV you. This can render even the most complicated strategies useless. I have more times than not, I've been killed out of an evaded Tackle animation via Death From Above. This is shady as hell, and needs to be removed. Also, the time given to evade a Tackle, and the difficulty of evading one, are insanely easy, and handed out. If the survivor is looking at a NH attempting to Tackle, 9/10 times the evasion will happen. Same thing with Pounce and Tackle. If you Tackle a survivor, and Pounce them in mid-air, you deserve the kill, but UV Light says "Hell to the no." Again, I would like to see the ability to counter a Pounce mid-air removed. What I find myself doing in a 1v1 to kill an end-game/experienced player is as follows: 1. Wait for 2 UV cancel spits to charge 2. Use Horde Spit and stick them (because not sticking an experienced player will allow most to dodge away) to make the survivor panic 3. Use UV Block and jump directly overhead 4. Whilst overhead, use Spit Slam w/ UV Canelling spit 5. If Spit Slam is landed, proceed to Pounce whilst the survivor is in mid-air This is an insanely large amount of work to kill one person. This is now my goto strategy for 1v1 now. It works most times. The downside are the recharge rates. To get 2 spits, 1 UV Block, and 1-2 Horde spits back, is insanely long. Rendering this basically a 'last ditch effort' for a kill. If that doesn't work, I take to the rooftops (knowing experienced players tend to hunt the Night Hunter) and wait for them to grapple up. When they grapple up, I simply ground slam them off, typically killing them, or severly damaging them allowing for a Tackle/Punch kill. Again, this comes with risk > reward. Sometimes if the survivor plays smart, they fake a grapple, and fall, making me ground slam, then they proceed to grapple up, and drop kick me off the roof (as the NH can't counter the Drop Kick) to where they can Death from Above me off of the roof. I really think Techland needs to take to balancing this ASAP. The community has great balancing ideas, and could be of great use if implamented correctly.
  3. this is an amazing concept, the only problem I can see would be, how would you know when it was an AI Night Hunter compared to a volatile? Would it have a different map indicator? Making the Night Hunters only objective to kill the humans, and removing the nests, would take out the competitive aspect of the "Competitive gamemode." What you could do, is bring up an option like the competitions for airdrop races, but have it say: "Hunt the Volatile Nests", this way the humans could allow themselves to face an AI, or human NH whenever the option popped up. This could pop up at anytime, allowing survivors to choose whether they wish to get invaded or not (making option for invasions in-game rather than a menu). Night Hunter is underpowered against mid/end-game players. People are asking for more zombies to spawn when invading games. Hopefully this idea, and more are addressed, and added.
  4. Oath Tsunami

    Night Hunter Needs A Buff

    I've faced my fair share of games that were 3v1, and 4v1. In these cases, if you are to win, one of two things have happened; 1. They were bad players 2. You outplayed the experienced players multiple times, allowing for 10 kills. The second will most likely never happen, it does happen every now and then, hell, I just finfished a game of 3v1 against 3 experienced players whom lost their momentum after they destroyed the 3rd nest (to underestimation would be my guess). I feel though the more experienced players (4v1, 3v1 experienced survivors) the harder to kill, but I feel the less number of experienced players in a game (2v1, 1v1), the more impossible they become to kill (due to strength in numbers). I feel the survivors due to their extreme, countering tools, should not benefit as much from playing with more people. In the current state of the game, 4 experienced players = immunity to NH. Playing against 4 people might be able to be fixed if you have have a 4v2 instead of a 4v1 (or increase amount of UV to disable & counter Pounce). This would most likely bring up other problems such as non-coordinated NH attacks, troll NH who sit back and watch the other get slaughtered, or newbie NHs w/ experienced NHs. Drop Kick & Death From Above have to be avoidable from the NHs side. Being drop kicked into spikes when you failed a ground pound, is ridiculous. The NH should be able to avoid the Drop Kick the same way survivors evade the Tackle, by a simple jump. Death From Above, this is the anti-strategery. Countless times, I've readied up a Ground Pound to kill the survivors, but because they jumped off of a car, it means I die. I have noticed no way of evasion, even though the slow motion (indicated reaction time span) is present, making me think I can react, but I have tested, and there are no counters to either of these. Having a Ground Pound charged, should allow you to release it stopping the survivor from using Death From Above successfully. I also feel this should make them vulnerable if succeeded, giving time for the NH to kill, as it does with the survivors. The slow motion is there when the NH Pounces, or Tackles, this small timeframe allows survivors to react to those attacks, as it should with NH for survivor attacks. This slow motion in my opinion, needs a lower activated timeframe, or to be removed altogether. P.S. If you evade a Tackle, and have the Death From Above perk, you can 180 from the peak of your jump, hold your attack button and Death From Above the NH straight out from the animation allowing no escape time for the NH. Needs a fix.
  5. Oath Tsunami

    Night Hunter Needs A Buff

    The problem I see with the Night Hunter is, almost everything you do can be countered unless the UV Light is disabled. People who are talking about: Horde Spit, UV Block, Ground Slam, and Pounce altogether in sync, fail to say how even in mid-air, the pounce can be blocked. Even with a straight up Tackle+Pounce. Tackle makes them look toward you, and when you try to pounce in mid-air, it gives them brief time to UV. This needs to be removed. Being able to pull off a UV Block+Ground Slam+Pounce, should grant a kill, as the Night Hunter worked for it, not be allowed to get countered in air. This is seriously frustrating as I have done this countless times, and it has worked around 5 times. ONLY because I UV spat. In most cases I attempt to Tackle+Pounce, but them turning around when I go to Tackle, does not help. You could suggest to UV spit beforehand, but my response would be: The spits, unless lead perfectly, or stuck, will most likely not hit their intended target. Insanely easy to dodge. This makes any combination of attacks insanely hard to pull off unless against a newbie. The way to make it more balanced from this prespective would be to remove ability to UV whilst being pounced mid-air.
  6. Oath Tsunami

    Night Hunter Needs A Buff

    A few things I forgot to touch on... Safe houses - These are safe havens for survivors, as their name would suggest. They are extremely invisible to the hunter when evading. Most of the time I think I got away to safety, and land is a safe zone, killing myself. Survivors like to camp in them, due to the ability to use their UV whilst in them, and the Night Hunter gets damaged whilst in it, most players who seem to not like to fight go and hide in these when about to lose, and then complain when Night Hunters kill them in the safe house. This needs to be addressed by either highlighting the safe houses much more obviously, removing them completely when a Night Hunter invades, or stopping the ability to UV whilst inside, granting the Night Hunter freedom to kill you. This would stop all of the safe house camping of which prevents the Night Hunter from progressing the game. I do understand that if they hide in it too much, that it ends the game, but most survivors who hide in them step out for a brief second to reset the timer and prolong the game. AI Zombies - There are close to none of them, anywhere. For most invasions, there'll be maybe 5 infected at most at a hive. This is rendered pointless when invading an end-game player because their weapons have the ability to OHK infected, and THK Goons. I believe more infected should be added, or weapons should be scaled down, making the infected more of a threat, and allowing the Night hunter not to get constantly OHK'd.
  7. Oath Tsunami

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    The only problem with the Ground Slam, is its knockback is a joke. Most times you'll ground pound, and by the time you've recovered, they're already back on top of you (given they're aggressive players). Spits are almost useless unless you stick them, or they don't know about the dodge skill. Most players simply keep their distance until your energy is drained, they are enabled to do so due to the extreme range on the UV Light. UV Block is close to useless unless the duration skill is unlocked, without it you get nowhere close to out of the UV range before it's over. Almost all of the Night Hunters abilities are rendered pointless on groups who know what they're doing. In a 1v1 situation, given fair circumstances, the Night Hunter is perfectly balanced. Throw in 1 or 2 more survivors, and the tide turns exponentially. If one watches behind/UV, and the other watches forward/Flare, there's almost no winning. Sure, there is Tackle, but it can be countered by jumping, or draining the Hunters energy completely. Punching is also pitiful. Almost no use besides killing KO'd players faster. For a zombie that is supposed to be a feared creature of the night, it really isn't all that scary, just an annoyance really.
  8. Oath Tsunami

    Night Hunter Needs A Buff

    Let me start off by saying: I have put around 9 hours into my Night Hunter, and have reached nearly level 25. I have lost about 5-6 times out of my 30+ games. I am in no way, shape, or form attempting to tell the developers how to balance their game, these are only opinion and experience based suggestions. Pounce - It is obnoxiously underpowered in games with more than 1 survivor. The range on the UV Light, is absurd, and the CD for it when burned out, is way too short. A Pounce can be countered by turning around at last second and flicking the UV Light on for a fraction of a second, draining a tiny bit of energy, preventing a kill. This is extremely obnoxious. Completely outplaying a survivor only to have them turn around half a second before the start of a pounce, not even close to ideal balance. I do believe the way it stands right now is good for 1v1 situations, but once it hits 2v1, 3v1, etc. it becomes frustrating, and unbalanced. I believe UV Lights need a range reduction and CD lengthen. It should also require more of the Night Hunters energy to be burned before a pounce is prevented/countered when there are more players in the game, ex: 90% energy for pounce in 2v1, 85% for pounce in 3v1, 80% for 4v1. This would make big team fights much more manageable and controlable for the Night Hunter, and not entirely in the favour of the survivors. Spits - They are a pain to hit survivors with, if they remotely know when/how to dodge. I feel as though I can get my Spit within 2m of someone, and not hit them with it. Could be a miscalculation on my part, but this happens too often. More times than not, the survivors see the Spit being shot and dodge out of its range before it hits the ground primed to explode. They should explode with a larger radius, and explode faster. Possibly have a skill for manual detonation, but this could somehow prove extremely overpowered. UV Block - this is actually extremely balanced. I would like to see slightly less cutting of momentum whilst using Tendril Locomotion though. Ground Slam - If you miss, this has an insanely long recovery, however if it hits, it is near instantaneous recovery (makes no sense to me). easily countered for what is does (knocking back survivors to the point where they can still melee you after landing), and nearly useless. Tackle - Too much time given to counter, it is too easy to counter as well. The damage tackle does, is next to non-existant. Most people get tackled, UV the Hunter, Medkit, and back to full health. The Tackle only has any killing potential if the survivor is low on health, extremely bad allowing for enough Tackles to kill, or any spikes are anywhere, which tends to be nowhere when tackles occur (to me at least). Tackle is far too foreseeable, counterable, and meant mainly to annoy survivors mostly. Energy - I feel as though it drains too fast whilst in UV. I also think there needs to be a way to kill survivors when your energy is completely drained. Ground Slam does next to nothing, Tackle is flat out terrible in its current state. I do understand the entire "You're meant to be vulnerable without energy." thing, but it's extremely absurd when you hit the survivors with a Ground Slam, and they're already on you again with melee half a second later. Possibly introduce an energy regain perk of sorts. HP - The Night Hunters health, is pathetic. By end-game, most player have the ability to fast attack OHK the Night Hunter. Not to mention being able to two hit kill hives with a machete of sorts. After end-game, Night Hunter invasions become a joke (unless the hunter is good). Most people I face, don't even go after the Hives, as the Hunter itself is so easy to counter and kill. Overall - The Night Hunter should be something people see pop up on their screen and say: "Oh hell..." not just stare at 'Hunter Incoming' and laugh maniacally. Easily countered everything, low hp, relatively low damage output. A buff is needed pretty badly. P.S. Finding a match as a Zombie, extremely broken. Would be extremely lucky to find 2 matches in 30 minutes.
  9. Oath Tsunami

    Worst Pre-Order Bonuses Ever.

    I pre-ordered Dying Light mainly for the Be the Zombie, only to figure out it was open to everyone. Screwed me on that, I also got an "Exclusive Weapons Pack", of which gave me nothing. My pre-order also said I'd get exclusive outfits, of which I do not have. The "pre-order bonuses" were basically stripped, and people who pre-ordered were given the normal game and screwed over.
  10. Oath Tsunami

    I Am Unable To Play The Game.

    Let me start this off by saying: I have finished the game, and am on Xbox One. I am unable to go back and replay any missions (at least that I know). I joined a co-op mode of which was in "The Pit". I left and went back to singleplayer only to realize, I was still in The Pit. The game is acting as though I am doing the finale and restricted me to Singleplayer, since I am finished with the game, I only have sidequests, so I am unable to progress backwards, or forwards from The Pit. I am unable to join my friends game as it has restricted me to Singleplayer. This is a HUGE problem. The only thing I am able to play is "Be the Zombie", of which has large matchmaking issues. If anyone knows how to fix this, it would be a huge help.