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    Best Weapon You Have

    Some random guy gave me this in co-op and he then left the game instantly...
  2. Okay, playing Dying Light co-op is great, with friends.. Quick Join works fine, but the amount of inactive players (people who disappear from their console), are annoying and frustrating when you're trying to active a mission. It's just a suggestion, but my idea was to make it at least half of the players in one session had to be at the waypoint for it to activate. I was in a game the other day, 3 of us where trying to get a mission finished, but 1 guy had gone for a smoke about 10 minutes ago. We was all at the waypoint, apart from this one guy - it was just annoying because we was getting attacked from behind, having to use our repairs on weapons, medkits and recourses, when we was at the waypoint, technically finished. But this one guy was at the tower, away from his console, so we was unable to advance. Thanks for reading and hopefully, developers will figure something out.