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  1. Prodigerl

    New Content For Xbox One

    Been over a month without new content? O Lord, the apocalypse has started. I don't do season passes, do they normally get new stuff every single month? Being bored of a game once you're finished it is pretty typical of ANY game once it's over.... I guess I don't depend on games to make my life complete.
  2. I got up to the main mission, Siblings [about 15% completion of the story] and I'm not sure why the clock has stopped appearing at the right of the menu when I pull it up to look at my map or quests, skills, inventory, etc. Is it supposed to vanish at some point? Without any track of time, I don't know how to time my missions bcuz I don't want to start any if it's too late in a day. Due to lack of time I haven't been able to get far but I think the story is great & I'm LOVING this game!!
  3. Prodigerl

    Gameplay: Side Missions - Night Time Q's.

    Great idea. Ya, I'll do some boosters today & see how it goes. I'm in normal mode but like you mention, it'll help at least with time so I can get more done/faster. I just watched a Youtube "protect" mission (the first one that pops up at the railway for some Babar dude that thinks he's a werewolf lol) - anyways, night time was coming & he had accepted the mission anyway... not 1 minute after nite time hit, a volatile took him out inside a house. Any nite time venturing I do will be short & nearby stuff. Even if you see those things in survive. sense, there's enough of them that keep overlapping your movements & find you easily. Maybe I need to watch some nitetime gameplay from a good gamer & get a feel for strategy/movement with that. Great help & tips from you guys. I appreciate it. Now that alot of my fear is gone from dying so many times that first nite, I'm really having fun running around doing missions. Fear kills my game.
  4. Prodigerl

    Gameplay: Side Missions - Night Time Q's.

    Ya I could see em fine - I hit that alot... but they were everywhere & find you super easily.
  5. Prodigerl

    Gameplay: Side Missions - Night Time Q's.

    Oh ya, you lost big time LOL (so did I) haha But hey, I finally did it!! & that's what happened w/ climbing - I turned the game back on & it seems less of them were around me in that safehouse - I used my survival sense, coast got clear & I FLEW making a straight path to the tower - got just before the brick steps & they were onto me... I just kept climing the walls instead of running up the steps & it got them off me. And believe it or not, I have a whole mass of herb/lichen's for speed booster & didn't think to even use them. **kicking myself** I have to remember boosters. I spent a long time gathering herbs, lichen, fluorescent shrooms then forgot to use the speed. oh well. After I met w/ headquarters, I went back & hung around the outside of the tower entry & took out 2 more there. I'll tell you, I don't know how I could possibly do a mission at nite w/ that many of those things around. They're everywhere & they get alerted so easily. They spot you & then 'call out' for more to come get you. Geeez. I'll probly be at a safehouse each night & just not do missions. Mess around just outside the walls & try to take out a few w/ my bad machete. One cool thing I noticed, at nite on my way in from this nite mission - I knew where the main front entry was & was ready to run around the side to get in there, but they opened up the side entry so I could run right in -I wondered why that hallway was blocked off earlier in the game when I walked back there. They open it up at nite to make more emergency entry points. Very kool touch. This game is really amazing. Maybe later when I feel more confident I'll try to do a light mission closeby my safehouse LOL. I was watching 2 guys' youtube walkthru's & both of them opted to just go to sleep for the nite instead of doing a nite mission the next night hahaha. I don't feel so lame. :rolleyes:
  6. Prodigerl

    Gameplay: Side Missions - Night Time Q's.

    Ya I learned that the hard way, I almost made it to the Tower but had to wack a biter that got too close - all of a sudden there were 3 on me! Plus I managed to kill 3 of those things singly - but it brings many more if you do that. ugh. (using Korek Machete). I am NOT doing nite time again if I ever get out of this nitemare. I died after the Airdrop when they chase you - but I keep spawning at a closeby safezone that's far away from the tower & now I keep getting killed trying to get there to finish the mission. 4 times now. I've tried sneaking, running,...... they're literally all over the map & I get close but then they come out of nowhere. This is getting ugly. The only good thing about it is 2 things - I'm learning not to be as afraid playing this since I'm used to dying now, and it's not taking survival points off of me. I guess it's a grace period for the first night time mission? WIthout penalties, I'm not raging about this. It's some good gaming experience. I just don't know whether to run or sneak?
  7. Prodigerl

    Gameplay: Side Missions - Night Time Q's.

    Awesome. I'll hunt that down then hit the Air drop after
  8. Prodigerl

    Gameplay: Side Missions - Night Time Q's.

    Ok, I'm hitting that air drop mission today since I'm off work... I'm so Nervous lol. I wanted to get as much done before the real baddies start coming out after me - that toxin vomiting pustule thing, more rebar goons... but since I have these Easter Egg weapons, I have to say, I'm feeling a whole lot better. I took that Antazin ring out easily Thanks for the info - & when I'm in Gazi's neighborhood, I'll stop on by lol This game is awesome so far & I don't know why people are ragging on story? I think the story is good so far. You just know something's up w/ the GRE - I'm already not trusting them. Anyways, ya I did have gunslinger notched & unlocked 2 police vehicles. nothing so far but I'll keep trying.
  9. Excessive work schedule & real life stuff have kept me from playing for awhile other than getting far enough in the main story to the air drop mission for Jade that brings on the first night time event. I'm wondering 2 things - since I've been using the little bits of free time I have available some days to do the few side missions I could get from Tower people, build skill levels up, scavenge herbs, etc., get Easter Egg weapons, do side missions stuff, secure safe zones, etc. 1) Are there any more side missions around the map that I can do before I have to start the Air Drop night mission? I went around the map & only get pop ups on my map of survivors needing rescue from zombies attacking them - no actual missions. I've stopped the fake antazin ring, did Gazi's Mother's Day... gunslinger, I can't find a gun in the few police vehicles I found yet. I'm looking for side missions before I kick off the nite time. 2) After the 1st nite mission when the Nitemares chase you - how does the night cycle work? Is it timed by main missions in the game? Or an internal clock that goes on in the game no matter how many side missions or random things you find to do? I'm loving this game! Thanks for any info
  10. Prodigerl

    Im Proud To Say I Love Dying Light

    Can't agree more. This game is brilliant & I said it on another thread a minute ago, Techland haven't been given enough cred. for this game. It's amazing. I can't imagine how awesome DL2 will be with some gamer suggestions added to it.
  11. Prodigerl

    List Of Reasons Why I Love You Techland

    I already love this game and what they've done w/ the zombie genre... I can't imagine what DL2 might be if they use some of the gamer suggestions added. I get people complaining if they had serious game breaking problems, but they deserve way more cred. than what they've been given imho. Thanks Techland!
  12. Prodigerl

    Thank You Techland! :p

    sorry to hear about the coop trouble - bumping
  13. Prodigerl

    Anyone Else.....

    I quit following some areas of the posts when it looked like they were giving away parts of the game I haven't done yet - something about the 18th floor... if there's spoilers can you please mark them first in the future? Sorry if they weren't spoilers - just being cautious
  14. Prodigerl

    Skill Tree Strategy - Leveling

    I keep looking at that one, I thought it was only good for rooftops since it showed a rooftop push - I have 2 skills I can take right now so I'll consider that one. I like the dropkick but you're vulnerable right after it. I dunno. thanks
  15. Prodigerl

    Missed Oppertunities

    UWW- >>Your reasons are pretty good except that this isn't supposed to be realistic in any way. All of the above mentioned would add more playability and make exploration more worth while. What is the point of unlocking costumes if they don't do anything and I can't even see them???? We don't want this game to be "realistic," Example- we want it to have things like more weapons (guns) because it's fun and actually would make you want to keep looking around for more guns. << I just came off a thread where someone was complaining that Techland announced this game was going to have more realism & then goes into a list of complaints as to what isn't realistic in the game (can't open every box, etc.)... like I keep saying, you just cannot make everyone happy. If they incorporated your vision of clothing stats, there would be plenty of complaints about it from people who don't share your vision or "unrealistic" preferences. I saw this happen quite a bit in the Ubisoft Forums for Assassin's Creed - they'd listen to player suggestions & do something, only to get attacked for doing it by people who didn't like it in the series. @ Church : You gave well thought-out reasons (from your perspective). Everybody has their personal preferences & it's why I always say that people will complain & dislike even good games . . not everything interests everyone equally & everybody can think of more that they'd like or change. Make your own game or find one that's perfect for you.