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  1. You mean the 1.2.1 patch, which was released on the 30th january 2 days after release. Or the 1.30 patch, which was released on the 3rd February, 5 days after release.
  2. Scourge

    Restart Supply Drops

    You can find supply drops there, you know. They are not drops anymore but survivors (mostly Rais's men) are hogging those and are around to defend them.
  3. Scourge

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    I think they might have switched something silently in the patch because suddenly the UV light is a lot less draining. And I mean before 'ry to rope away, get shine on and loose 60% energy' and now 'try to rope away and loose 15 - 20% energy'. And that is against single survivors and multiple survivors.
  4. Scourge

    Stages Of The Harran Virus

    Nah. Explained in the story, Dr. zere's food baits that he set out caused those mutations. Aka, Bolters, Toads, Bombers, demolishers are all zombies that ate his bait and hence mutated.
  5. Scourge

    Be The Zombie Is Horribly Unbalanced

    And/or give the light a lesser effect the further you are away. Right now it doesn't matter where you are, your energy will always be drained the same. The further away the less effective it will be, which could mean that at maximum distance they could shine the UV empty at you and you'D loose maybe only 20%.
  6. Scourge

    Achievements Bug Trespassing

    I'd like to report on a different yet similiar bug. I have only played 3 to 4 Quarantine zones but when joining a game as the Zombie I suddenly got the achievement unlocked. Platform is a PC.
  7. Applying weapon mods like King, Assassin, etc? Yeah. Quite possible. Hell, you can even not apply such things like Electroshock on attack, bleed on attack, etc. The weapon will have less damage though. But is it posssible? Yeah. And once you crack the 200 damage mark on your weapons are normal zombies not a problem anymore either.
  8. There is?! edit: Nevermind. fast travel between zones. Not safehouses.
  9. Scourge

    Using Guns...oddly Satisfying

    There is a custom burst fire gun with, I think, 15 ammo which you get later in a side mission. Aside from that is that what you have. 2 rifles, 2 pistols and 1 shotgun. No mods either, so no silenced stuff or electricity/fire/poison, etc.
  10. Scourge

    Zombie Mode Online

    You join/invade their game. Your friends, lets say there are 4 of them, make their game and set zombie invasion on on (Maybe all the time or just in the night. Your choice). You then can join their game.
  11. Scourge

    All Side Quests Not Possible?

    I am stuck at exactly 97% as well. Thought it was a bug with one co-op mission not registering, but i someone else has the same problem.
  12. Scourge

    Be The Zombie Issues/suggestion

    The zombie has several flaws: It takes 3 to 4 normal hits and you are dead. Doesn't matter what weapon, they can kick you, punch you or hit you with a wrench or a 1800 damage katana. It will always take 3 to 4 hits except for when they score a headshot, which reduces the neccesary hits to 1 headshot and 1 normal hit. Not sure what the damage multiplikator for headhits are, but its pretty damn high so that one hit to the head means your end. UV flashlights. They got an insane range. I am not sure what you could with them, except for reducing the range to maybe 75% or 80% of its current value. Survivors can just spam Q to always know where you are. Kinda boring and one sided. In General, as a friend said, there is never a tug of war. One side always dominates the other. Either the Survivors are getting eaten hard or the zombie gets beaten to a pulp. There is no inbetween. ---- Going with the maingame and its three seperated skills would I personally suggest three to four different zombies with their own skillsets. (Mind you, this is just something I am thinking up at the top of my head and it might not be viable, possible or anything else): The Infestor is what we currently have. Spits from range and disables the enemy's UV so they can dare to pounce in, summons a zombie horde to distract them (and can possibly upgrade it so they are not exploding zombie but just normal zombie hordes/infected fast runners/ zombies that can climb and chse them or even one of those zombies we see at night that are incredibly tough, fast, can climb and can take a lot of damage. Further upgrades can increase the range of the spit, the arc of it, the explosion time (so people have a harder time dodging it), as well as the explosion radius of it, so that you can cover a bigger ground, spit faster and take them out from afar more quickly. The infestor has the least HP of the Zombies (175, just as it is right now) Normal attack damage would be around 25 - 40 per claw attack. The Stalker is all about distracting the enemy and attacking him from the shadows. Passive abilities allow it to trick the Survivor sense of survivors, so that it shows up on wrong ends of the compass, or that there are even multiple ones, so that they will not know where the real one is (could range from anywhere between 4 fakes + 1 real you to 8 wrong pings +1 real you). You play tricks with the enemy and then lounge in for a kill from further away than you normally could (lets say that the current pounce range is 100 meters, would the Stalker be able to pounce from 150 meters instead and do so way faster). Using "spits" you can set traps on the ground that will periodically fake your position for you and/or summon a small horde of zombies when triggered. (A lesser version of the zombie horde right now) Stalker would have medium HP (225 or so, enough to survive 6 to 7 hits). Normal attack damage would be at around 35 - 50. The Daywalker,Yeah. All about resisting the UV and going in right for the damage, as well as lots of HP. Slam, UV resistance, go in with a slam pound and then pound them to pulp. Not much subtetly to this guy. He stalks along and then jumps over them and slams down onto them. Highest HP, 300 (enough to survive 10 hits or more, possible even way more with upgrades) Base Damage of 50 - 65 per claw attack. As for those skills that don't really fit anywhere (Air slam, faster movement speed, pulling in and traversing, etc) could be added in a seperate skill tree or just tagged onto the skill trees far on the left side. That are my two cents on this matter. edit: I just had the idea that the Hp boosts are in the respective skills. So, a level 1 Stalker/Daywalker would have only 175 Hp just like the Infestor, but by unlocking more skills they would be able to get more HP.