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  1. crimsoncuda

    Sound Bug (Climbing Noises)

    I had the same issue on PS4 with the beeping alarm to let you know it was night time. I tried to go to sleep and run around but it was still there. Restarting the game was the only way to fix it. It only happened once and it was before the 1.4 patch so I'm not sure if that was fixed.
  2. crimsoncuda

    How To Play In Co-Op?

    You both have to pass the intro and then it'll tell you that co-op is unlocked. However, good luck being able to play co-op for a good amount of time before getting kicked out and losing your progression and inventory.
  3. crimsoncuda

    No Fix Insight With Coop Crashing

    Sorry. I refuse to accept that I paid $65 for a game that's a "work in process".
  4. crimsoncuda

    Co-Op Error Still There!

    Co-op still kicking players out with error on PS4. Game doesn't save for both players, just the main player. I'll have to complete several missions to catch up to where I was at in co-op. Very frustrating!
  5. crimsoncuda

    When Is The Save Game Patch Coming Out?

    What exactly are you patching on console? There are several glitches.
  6. crimsoncuda

    Still Crashes In Coop After The Patch

    Is there a new patch that came out today? I had 1.2 (I think) last night with the same problem.
  7. crimsoncuda

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    Just want to add that this happened to me as well. Glad I'm not the only one having the problem.
  8. crimsoncuda

    Progress And Inventory Not Saved Or Rollback

    Same issue here with Co-op. Completed 2 story line missions and 4 side quests and they were all lost.