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  1. @gamingoneasy

    Spam Invasion

    Ive had enough pages and pages of chupacabra.
  2. @gamingoneasy

    Old Town Sucks

    Yeah the countryside and beaches made this game for me, New York would be good. Central Park full size
  3. @gamingoneasy

    Old Town Sucks

    To me the hook just saves a bit of time, i think its more annoying having locked doors everywhere when your searching for a way into some buildings.
  4. @gamingoneasy

    Old Town Sucks

    Got it ages ago, not really a game changer that one
  5. @gamingoneasy

    Old Town Sucks

    Is it just me ? I was loving the game and playing every hour i could , but then i got to Old Town and just lost all interest. Every house looks the same, im bored with the story and struggle to find the entrance to some places im supposed to get in. Falling off copy and paste rooftops to my death. The whole game has become very generic with no surprises or twists anymore and can't be bothered to play. Help me !!!! I have the digital copy on PS4 , so its always gonna be teasing me from the main menu, maybe give the game a miss for a couple of weeks i dont fancy starting again !
  6. @gamingoneasy

    This Game Is Too Hard!

    First ever "This game is to hard " thread. Love it A man after my own heart. Just do some side quests and level up youll be fine, in less than a week you will be posting threads titled "this game is too easy" Everybody else is ! lol
  7. I'm just saying its not everybody ! no offence but this is never gonna be Dark Souls (thank fook). I am still getting killed by normal zombies FFS !
  8. chupacabra Hardcore mode, not everyone wants it bud. Some good ideas floating around, but i just think the game is fine as it is. And people keep posting "IDEAS" in the wrong place , they go in the first topic down from the top of the screen, you know the one that says = Ideas And Feature Requests For Dying Light Developers. Jeez
  9. @gamingoneasy

    Hole In The Sky Keeps Me..

    Happened to me a couple times on PS4. First, when it took me ages and 3 attemps to get up the top of the bridge in the searchlight mission. I get to the top, all of a sudden im bloody swimming, die and respawn in camp and have to climb it again ggrrrrr
  10. @gamingoneasy


    English not too good by any chance cause that makes no sense, i'm done with this post. Get your own grade ten mate !
  11. @gamingoneasy


    Nah i was at the start opening Very hard locks, you just gotta get the pin in the right place with a few goes. Generally it takes 4 turns with the right stick for a lockpick to break, so you've got 4 positions to try with one pick, sometimes i can take up to 3 picks for one lock, but usually less. I always go clockwise first 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, then max turn. Then just try the other direction 11 o'clock , 10 o'clock, then max left. When you get a bit of turn you know you're in the right area , so just do small ajustments left or right and you'll get there.
  12. @gamingoneasy


    Point of this post ? anyone.......
  13. @gamingoneasy

    Companion App

    How do i get more scouts?
  14. Harran has a very serious, possibly contagious, goatee outbreak !
  15. @gamingoneasy

    How To Create Your Own Hardcore Mode

    Perhaps use your mouth on the controller and have your hands behind your back. Sit on the sofa upside down and see how you get on . Seriously, good one angerbox. I play with at least 40 medkits as back up, have you seen my user name !