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  1. tre288

    New Stuff?

    Are the new outfits and stuff just the national outfits and season pass outfits/weapons, or is there more unlocked for doing stuff?
  2. tre288

    Drop Code

    Drop code?
  3. tre288

    Xbox One Update

    Yeah, literally just got it too. Want to know what for.
  4. tre288

    Hard Mode And More Skins Coming Soon For Free

    Wonder how soon is soon. Dying for more outfits
  5. They couldn't even release the pre-order outfits alongside their first season pass DLC. The chupacabra is the sense in that?
  6. tre288

    Add Selfi Camera

    Would actually be pretty funny to see the types of pictures people could snap in game.
  7. tre288

    What Time

    Were season pass outfits included? Edit: Nope. How stupid.
  8. tre288

    This Game Is Too Hard!

    It's not the controller You just need to be constantly aware of what's around you and where you can run too to save yourself when you start getting rushed. I find that the game seems to be more about strategic and situational combat rather than just walking in and slaying everything.
  9. tre288

    What Time

    Is it supposed to be today or something?
  10. tre288

    Techland Wise Up

    People do do that... And it isn't illegal everywhere. When you buy the game it's in your possession. You literally could alter the game in any way you see fit if you know what you're doing when you own it and play it however you wanted. If you're doing it privately it affects no one. Someone using a glitch in private play isn't "mutilating" the game and anyone upset over the way an individual chooses to play a game solo is just being dramatic. If mods weren't supported/allowed and you wanted to play with mods on PC guess what.. by your logic, you're mutilating the game or the "art" Actually.. even with permission to use mods it's still "mutilating" it.
  11. tre288

    Techland Wise Up

    If they paid you for it and took it home, they very well could pitch it in the fire if they wanted. You wouldn't even know or have to know. Your example is not the same thing at all... OP isn't being told the game isn't for sale, or he can't buy the game because he can't cheat in singleplayer when he plays it by himself. When the money changes hands and someone gets your "art" home they could technically pretty much do whatever they wanted to it.
  12. tre288

    Season Pass Outfits?

    You seem to take pride in being kind of a chupacabra. The outfits were released as preorder incentives, and the season pass/ultimate bundle descriptions make them sound like a bonus received for purchasing it. Descriptions could have been worded much better
  13. tre288

    Where Are The Outfits?

    Because it has been released to preorders, and it is worded very poorly in the bundle description. how someone can't understand that is just.. ugh.
  14. tre288

    What Is This For?

    How much metal you have for weapon repairs
  15. tre288

    Where Are The Outfits?

    I do know how a season pass works. That is not what I've read when reading about the outfits and season pass in the past however. If that also were the case what's the deal with the bundle? It's advertised to make it sound like purchasing it will grant you a good portion of the stuff on purhase, which is of course not going to be the case. But the outfits? I thought I also recalled that the outfits were preorder bonuses for certain places. It's never made sense to me to release something as a preorder bonus, sell them as part of a season pass but hold onto them for 3 extra months before giving them to season pass owners.