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  1. XV_Drop_Shot_XV

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    At least it is working a bit more for you guys. I just tried to join someone playing by himself got our little error again in less than five minutes of play. It happened while just browsing a shop. @SonicSlueth It is to my belief that all games require you to update to play online multiplayer. I originally thought it was just because I joined a game that had 3 people. This time it was just one person in the lobby other than myself and I got kicked back to the PSN menu yet again. I was thinking about deleting and reinstalling and what not but I really do not feel like doing that again for the 10th time.
  2. XV_Drop_Shot_XV

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    I just got done downloading the update. Then not even two seconds after I joined a group of 3/4 people I received our infamous little error code. I swear this bug has ruined my experience with this game. I have been at 69% for a very long time. I have just been patiently waiting for a fix however, that day has yet to come. Hopefully, 1.05 fixes my issue. Till then I will remain at 69% completion. I wished I bought a physical over a digital because I would have sold this brick of a game a long time ago.
  3. Between the time of 1/27/2015 5:40:34 P.M. to the time of this post I have encountered this error a total of 38 times. Typically this will happen every few minutes if I attempt to play co-op. With two people I may get lucky and last an hour without being booted but that is incredibly rare. I have yet to blue screen while playing solo so that is something I suppose. The PS4 error is CE-34878-0 It is interesting that if I play with three people as soon as the third joins I instantly get the blue screen error. My first attempt to fix it was to delete and reinstall the game. When that did not work I deleted it, restored my licenses, then reinstalled it again. I have reverted to a previous save (to test it) with no luck. When these all failed I deleted the game again, went to account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com to download the game from a website (found this supposed fix online) which also did not help me in the end. Not sure if this helps but the majority of my kicks happened while a lot of things were going on in the game. For instance surrounded by zombies, taking damage, dealing damage, with two people results in me being kicked a lot of the time. However, sometimes we could just be free running in the dark, with little to no zombies near us and I will still blue screen. I have yet to see anyone who has this problem as much as I do. I am using the digital copy purchased from the PSN store. A few friends of mine have been blue screening as well (they own physical copies) but no where near as frequent as I do. I see this game as being a co-op game, and I am unable to do this because I am afraid of being kicked which is a total bummer for me because a lot of my friends have been inviting me and I am unable to accept them because of an unknown issue with the game. I honestly would have taken it back by now if I owned the physical copy. I never do see any frame-rate drops, or any other visual indicators that it is going to happen. It just happens. PSN: XV_Drop_Shot_XV