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    File/values of loot packs.

    Could anyone tell me file name and value(s) that deal with decay rates of corpses(eg how fast they disappear and leave loot packs behind, also range values, aka how far away player has to be for them to disappear) and ranges of loot packs, eg at what range they disappear(aka distance from player). Id like for corpses to decay faster/on shorter ranges, and at the same time i want loot packs stay put on a really long ranges. Ive been going thru files from data0.pak, but cant seem to figure out where(what) those values are. Much appreciated.
  2. Id like to see military base and/or airport. Fully underground, like metro with old, abandoned infrastructures, map also would be nice.
  3. Dirmagnos

    Legal Or Not?

    You can use mods. However, in any type of non-singleplayer mode using mods that alter game mechanics(eg give larger inventory or altered damage to weapons) can be viewed as cheating. Im not sure about mods that disable film grain or sun shadows or chromatic abberation, since those only alter game performance, but not its basic mechanics. There were a DMCA filed, but as far as i know it was withdrawn with apologies. I use mods, so that i can play the way i like it(i did quite a lot adjustments), but i disable them when im going online. Gonna take a look at this firearms upgrade thingie(firearms in DL are just shamefuly plain). Alredy have film grain disabled(along with other tweaks that give tremendous performance boost, by sacrificing an unneeded chupacabra that gives very little, but costs a lot; and i can play on stable 40-60 fps on medium settings on rig that is even below minimum requirements), tweaked inventory, health, some skills and some schematics and items(eg i craft less items per batch and they cost more, but they are stronger). Currently testing defuffed weapons, because current dmg progression makes game waaaay 2 easy alredy midgame, where you just swing left and right with impunity.
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    Dying Light Mario Easter Egg

    lol, nice one
  5. Dirmagnos

    You Want Challenge ? Don't Use Medipack !

    Annoyance and difficulty are 2 different things. Next "great" idea for "hardcore" will be "no weapon usage whatsoever, except scripted events, only kicks; and no jumping or climbing", followed by ultimate "hardcore" experience "complete prologue, come out of tower, lay down in the middle of the street and try to complete game without moving".
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    My Favorite Small Touch

    Lol, same here, every time night is coming im thinking of Will Smith. 8P
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    Game Gets Too Easy

    I dont think that drastic decrease of exp gains is a good idea. Game may be easy higher on, but its mainly due 2 steep increase of weapon dmg as player levels and finds new weapons. There is a huge difference between starting weapons with damage of around 20-30 and mid-game ones with damage close to 400, not to mention end-game monsters with damage of 2000+. While majority of zeds remain on the same level as they were 5 minutes into game(adding few special zeds here and there dosnt really make that much of an impact on general gameplay. eg player gets far greater bonus from new weapons than difficulty increases with few additional zombie types). Imo they should just add more skills to chose from(especially passive ones) and decrease dmg progression by about 50%, so that even endgame weapons wouldnt go far past 1000 pts of damage. Gonna try modding those and see how it will feel. And i also have an excessive amount of money on me right now, over 200k. I spend it only on componenents and occasional schematics/mods. In terms of weapons, i find plenty of those of the same(or close) level in the world, so i really see no point of spending cash on weapons in shops.
  8. No offense, but why any1 would do that ? It is rather easy to obtain medkits while running around(and you also get a on of extra stuff in process), rather than use this lame technique of sleeping/farming. Supply drop farming is even greater farming opportunity. Im kinda obsessed with this kind of stuff, so i was collecting all i could get my hands on. And since i was constantly busy doing stuff, it took me like 4 hours to get back to closest quartermaster(not to mention i got a ton of medkits as sidebonus)...
  9. Special weapons should be actually special. Most of them are kinda plain. Maybe automatic scaling of stats as player levels up, or some epic property that cant be found anywhere else(eg turn zeds into chikens 8) ).
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    Game Gets Too Easy

    Erm, i do hope that first one is 66%, not 300, since it would mean that you would actually lose points, instead of gaining them. Eg decrease by 2/3. That one probably should be 50%, since 100% means no gain at all. Eg decrease by half.
  11. Expcalibut is good due to the fact tha it can be obtained early on and has like 10 times damage compared to regular weapons. But already midgame it becomes obsolete due to low durability in vanilla game.
  12. Kick should be fixed 100%. While it deals relatively low damage, its a perfect way to keep zeds at bay or knock them down from elevations. And considering that it not just dosnt take stamina, using this attack dosnt count as attack at all, stamina actually regenerates when player is zed heads with his boot. I generally dont mind that it dosnt take stamina, it is a good last resolve measure. But the fact that during kicking stamina actually regenerates is over the edge for sure.
  13. They really need to do something about it. Current system is a complete goat-sucker. This fading HUD goat-sucker is a total disaster. I like HUD, but i cant see goat-sucker there once its fully faded away. And there is no way to turn off this "amazing" feature(ive been digging thru hud files, but without much success). So, yeah, HUD part could use a lot of customization. And not just disabling option. Skyrim has rather simple slider for that thing, that allows boh HUD-lovers and -haters to get what they wannt in matter of 2 seconds.
  14. Dirmagnos

    My Favorite Small Touch

    Guitar was really nice, 2 bad you cant actually play it. I mean actually play a tune, not just pull strings. I remember extremely cool touch from Bioshock Infnite, there were an actual sequence where Elizabeth sung as player played a guitar. Not related to anything, just an easter egg. In DL protagonist could sit down and play a tune or two.
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    Volatiles are kinda weak from midgame on. First few night i was actually sleeping at safe houses, wasting time; next few i was mostly slowly creeping around, hiding and avoiding them at any cost, since in mob they are deadly. But right now im just flying around like a butterfly with a chupacabra up my arse. Unless i will literally jump one of them, avoiding them is easy as a pie, i just run past them without much trouble. They are literally blind, they cant seem see past that cone of vision displayed on minimap. They can see like 10m in front of them, i can just sprint past them if im like 11 past them and they wont even chupacabra. But ok, they are nocturnals creatures, so vision is not a priority. But nocturnal creatures also tend to have excellend hearing and keen sense of smell. Unfortunately volatiles seem to severely lack in this area as well. If they hear anything then its mostly by accident, at least it looks so. I can dance a hiphop on a metal roof above one and he wont even twitch. And in terms of smelling nearby targets they are a complete zero. Just avoiding one while crawling on the other side of a car and youre good. They are also dumb as a log. Im running, im running, im running. Volatile is in the way. Im running, sprinting past it, not hiding or anything(and unless i will bump him, im good), running, running... and im gone. Half a hour later, as a good estonian, he scratches his head and wonders if he just saw something or was it a dream. Their target aquisition abilities, combined with poor detection senses, makes them rather low threat. Sure, they are damn tough, but if you dont engage them, then its not a problem. So, it would be nice if their abilties either scale up a bit night after night or at some point something like a Volatile Patriach would start to spawn every now and then. It could look like a regular Volatile(so you cant distinguish them from regular ones), but would have a lot keener senses, would be far harder to shake off(eg immune to primitive distractions like firecrackers) and also could howl, attracting all the volatiles from a huge area to the point, wild hunt style.
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    Yup, it is possible to get a pistol almost immediately in game(if you look from tower to the SEE, then theres a power station, on map it occupies almost square area on the edge of the map; now if you head east from power station, then few clicks away theres a house, that stands alone in the middle of nowhere, it has a sign in front of it, something like "take whatever you need, i dont need it anymore" - inside is a dead dude with a handgun and his brains all over the wall). But it will have only 4 bulelts with it and there is no way of gettign additional ammo untill you start raiding police vans and are at least 5+ level in survival. I just made survival to 12 and instantly both rifle types appearad in stores. Handgun apprears earlier, then shotgun, then both rifles. Since game has rather bad money sink system, then im currently just stockpiling ammo. Even after buying all the parts on sale in shop i still manage to earn more than i spend. Around 160k bucks and around 80k worth of jewelry alredy. Have no idea what to do with this stuff.
  17. Pls stop posting this chupacabra everywhere. So far ive seen like 2 ppl on this forum actually making a point out of it. Its you who creates a "crowd", posting all over the forum. Made a post in suggestions thread and thats enought. If id have to guess, amount of ppl who prefer to play hudless is actually less than those who like to have hud. Thy simply should add hud customization option, that would allow playing with various settings like opacity. I like my hud, id like it even more if i could see it without this stupid blending in making it usless.
  18. Btw, if player dies during day have survival points penalty, then he gets them back after sleeping(tho i may be wrong on this one). Thats the only point of speeping imo. Im just runnign night missions like its day, volatiles are sooo dumb, that its scary. Unless you literaaly jump one or get stuck near one, you can just race past them.
  19. Dirmagnos

    Using Guns...oddly Satisfying

    Guns are kinda lame. True, you wont get any real use of them till midgame, but since they are rather plain and dont scale up as melees, they fall out of grace rather soon. They really could use customization options(silencer, scopes, clips, barrels, triggers) and scaling(same for melee weapons, dmg scaling progression is way 2 steep).
  20. Dirmagnos

    Zombie Respawning/deaf Zombie?

    Firecrackers miserably fail at their primary function, zeds dosnt seem to hear them past 3-4 meters(but that seem to be problem with all aoe items, excluding molotovs). I mainly use then to ignite oil/fuel patches, lol. All areas seem to have predesignated zed population. If you look around, then you may notice weird openings, that technically could be basement windowses(they are usually on the ground level), and they dont have any textures on them, just black background. Zeds crawl out of them until lthey fill that population quota. Also, manholes(eg sewers) seem to be rather popular hanging out spot for zeds. Tho mostly special infected come out of them. If there is no building or manholes nearby, then zeds just crawl out from beneat cars. Again, till area population quota is filled. Various areas have various delays on those spawns. Some spawn them constantly, so there is no way to clear out area completely. But slums around tower seem to have a few minutes delay be4 zeds spawn. So, everything respawns after a while, be it zeds or items.
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    Way #1. Modding. Disabled as of 1.2.1, but im using still 1.2.0(with those "improvements" devs can stick 1.2.1 up their...), so dont care. Way #2. Play and level up. Spawn rates/chances seem to be tied to player level(eg skill levels, probably suvival skill, would need to check). I have 12/14/19 and i have alredy sold ton of handguns and shotguns(havent met any rifles so far tho). Way #3. Related to #2. Raid police vans. There is several spots where you can find more than one in close vicinity. Personal favourite is bridge end - theres 5 vans there. Bridge is packed with zeds, but they are weak and can be simply farmed for exp, plus with camouflage its fairly easy to pick those locks undisturbed(they are very hard tho, so it takes some probing). Police vans spawn firearms, ammo and average quality melee weapons in them.
  22. And thats why i stick with 1.2. From what read as feedback, 1.2.1 didnt actually improve much in terms of performance(they just readjusted max values for certain features). So... *gives finger salute*
  23. Dirmagnos

    Beat The Game In 14 Hrs.

    Its an average time, assuming that you will do some exploring and some secondary missions, not just run thru basics like last idio... rusher. Waste of a game to play it this way(buy a cake, eat frosting, throw the rest away). 14 hours is nothing. Im sure that some "pro" will make it in 5-6 at some point(or even less).
  24. Dirmagnos


    Just sharing and wondering what other ppl think. Bridge is rather peculiar place in game world. I mean the bridge, big one, in the eastern side of the map, where highway leads. Broken one. Anyways, its peculiar in several ways. First of all it has a lot of car wrecks, i mean, a LOT. So its good for parkouring, eg farming exp for agility. Second, its full of zeds, theres at least 200 of them(probably more) on like 50m final stretch. I have explored maybe half of the map and im only 12% thru the game, lol, but this area has the highes concentration of infected in area of the world that ive seen. And those zeds are of the lowest level, meaning that weapon with dmg over 120 will kill any of then in 1 head... erm... swing. Perfect for farming power exp with aoe weapons like molotovs(that are extremely easy to make from getgo and can be crafted with batches of 5 with Crafting Expertise) from complete safety of van/bus roof. Now, as it wasnt bad enought. Only thing with highest difficulty locks that is worh picking in this game are police vans, since they yeld weapons and ammo for them, that are rather rare in initial stages of the game(dunno how about later) and those vans are rare and far between. But theres 5 of those vans on the end of that bridge. Sure, looting them can be a bit of a hassle, since theres zeds around and they constantly respawn when killed, but with just a bit of practice its not that hard, even playing alone. My average bridge run yelds me at least 1 firearm, 30-100 rounds of assorted ammo and couple melee weapons of good quality, from those vans. Now, one a bit broken thing in this game is how nights are handled. They do give player double exp, but they also spawn volatiles. While avoiding volatiles is not really that hard, it makes night gameplay rather slow, since due to their speed and ability to climb obstacles and walls, they are rather good at following player and once banded together can can kill player fast. Good thing they are easely distracted by firecrackers(far 2 easely imo) - just run and throw one under your feet(i give game devs double thumbs up just for those firecrackers - while they suck at their primary purpose, they have a lot of uses, making them extremely useful almost everywhere). Now, the thing about bridge, volatiles do NOT spawn there. Only things that spawn there during the night(aside of biters) are usual virals. Those are fast, agressive and can climb, but they have about same amount of health as usual biters, so even 4-5 of them are hardly that much of a problem. So its a farmfeast for exp for both agility and power. God forbid player also have Kill Frenzy skill from power tree, then its a complete power trip. So, my nights are spent on the bridge. It takes about same amount of time for me to spend most of my supplies there, as night lasts. Who needs sleep, anyway. A total farmland... for exp, cash, components and ammo.
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    Grenades And Bombs

    Is it just me, or those suck ? When i got those bluepronts i was rather excited, tho the fact that crafting batch contains 8 grenades should have alerted me right away. Anyways, pretty much every crafted bomb and grenade feel like a firecracker, they may(or may not) slightly scratch(yeah, zombie may even lose a finger if im lucky) an average zed, that i can kill in one hit, making them rather usless aganst anything that pose even slight treat. Considering how much components it takes and how much discomfort some of them cause, to both players and infected, they are just not worth the time(nor components). I had such expectations after molotovs, but it all turns out to be a dud. Molotovs are accessed early on, cheap and easy to make, deal a lot of damage(far more than any of those "grenades") and are almost silent. Did i miss something or they really are an utter chupacabra ?