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  1. Zardoz83

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    Yea no one should have to go messing with port settings to make this work. Every other multi-player game I have works like it is supposed to. 100% on their end.
  2. Zardoz83

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    Couldn't agree more, the only reason I bought this game was to coop it with my friends, but since I can't do that it's a useless $60 app I have to stare at on my ps4 home screen. What's worse is that it's my first (and last) AAA digital copy so I can't even trade it in for something else...
  3. Zardoz83

    Issue With Auto Saves

    Does anyone else think the save system kind of sucks? I was half way into a side mission and had to quit and I lost all my progress and was back at the tower when I jumped on again. I quest I can understand loosing my progress on the mission, but I was on the upper right edge of the map, and had to run all the way back to start the mission over again. Shouldn't it save you at the nearest safe house instead of all the way back to the tower?
  4. Zardoz83

    [Ps4] Blue Error Screen(S) During Co-Op Sessions

    You aren't alone, there's big thread about this issue.
  5. Zardoz83

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    It's obviously a bug on their end... I played Destiny for 3 hours last night with no problems, I've played countless hours online with Killzone Shadow Fall, Minecraft, Diablo 3 etc etc. I'm sure they are aware of the issue and are probably working towards a solution, however an acknowledgement from them would be welcome.
  6. Zardoz83

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    Same issue here as well. I played for about an hour with one of my buddies and it was fine. Then later I played with another friend and it crashed every 15-20 minutes. All 3 of us have the digital version. I tried rebuilding the database and resetting my modem but that didn't work. Also about a week ago I had completely reinstall my ps4 system data due to a different problem, so I doubt it has anything to do with the actual system. Hopefully they will fix this bug soon because it really takes away from an otherwise great game.
  7. Zardoz83

    Dlc Content Not Installing

    Same issue here. Ps4 says master scavenger is installed, but it doesn't show up in my storage bag.