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  1. Some of the glitched trophies are obtainable by starting a new game on a new slot or starting a New Game+. I think that type of workaround worked for a lot of people, even though some had to do it for the 3rd time or more just to get some of the glitched trophies. The workarounds are known in some forums already. Even I tested them and now I'm already finished with it.
  2. Ugh. You don't have to complete all 51 side quests in NG+ to get the trophy. I don't get it why people think "The Whole Story" is fully fixed, some people just need to understand the sentence: "Fixed the UNLOCKING of The Whole Story". smh In a much more simpler term, they only fixed the trophy/achievement tracker of The Whole Story.
  3. I guess you didn't understand what they fixed. They fixed the trophy/achievement tracker of The Whole Story, from a broken trophy it turned into a glitchy trophy just like the rest. I don't really want to wait 1 more week for another patch since that was like the only trophy I'm missing to get the platinum. I've spent at least 100+ hours in this damn game, trying workarounds to get the other glitched trophies. It's a relief that I'm finally done with it.
  4. ipot_04

    The Whole Story Trophy Still Glitched

    Unless you're experimenting with the workarounds, you won't get those trophies. You can always just keep complaining and not do the workarounds which are probably all around other forums. GL in waiting.
  5. ipot_04

    Bugs/glitches I Noticed On Dying Light

    FINALLY! I got "The Whole Story" trophy on NG+ using the save file that has 51 side quests completed. It took me 29 side quests to get the trophy on NG+. I'm finally done with this game, I won't even check out the hard mode anymore that is coming soon. I won't buy any Techland games on Day 1 anymore, it's better if I just wait for people to say that the trophy/achievement list is not glitchy or not broken, in short the trophy list would work 100%.
  6. ipot_04

    The Whole Story Trophy Still Glitched

    If you look at the changelog of v1.04, they said they "fixed the unlocking of The Whole Story". In case you didn't understand that, they fixed the tracker of the trophy. Basically, from broken to glitchy (fixed). I doubt they'll patch the glitched trophies to work 100% perfect. The workaround is you have to play on NG+ if you have already completed all 51 side quests and the trophy didn't pop. Just keep completing story missions to unlock more quests. Keep doing quests on NG+ until you unlock the trophy. It took me 29 side quests on NG+ to get the trophy. It might take you longer than 29 side quests completed, it's all about random chance. Try not to complain too much unless you completed 51 side quests on NG+ and still didn't have the trophy. Well that's the solution I did. If you're getting lazy to play all over again, you can always just wait for a new patch that might be released in a month or longer than that.
  7. It worked for me, finally! Just use your save file where all of the 51 side quests are already done, then play on New Game+ on that save file and keep doing side quests until the trophy pops. It took me "29 Side Quests" in NG+ to get "The Whole Story" and the platinum. I did it in 1 sitting, I never turned off my PS4 or quit the game. Btw, others might take more than 29 side quests completed for the trophy to pop, it all depends on luck.
  8. Anyone here who got stuck at Survivor Level 24 and still got The Whole Story trophy on that same save file?
  9. ipot_04

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    Oh look at that, the changelog for the new patch says they already fixed the unlocking of "The Whole Story" trophy but in reality it's still glitched. Basically for Techland, fixed=glitched/glitchy.
  10. big joke now? I think you must mean it's already a big joke when people discovered that this game had glitchy trophies. Most likely, Techland's future games would still have glitchy trophies and I'm sure of that.
  11. ipot_04

    Bugs/glitches I Noticed On Dying Light

    EDIT: Still no trophy, what a BS. They fixed the trophy by correcting something on the trophy tracker but it's still glitched! What a frustrating trophy list.
  12. ipot_04

    Bugs/glitches I Noticed On Dying Light

    UPDATE: They are already working on a patch to fix the trophies, at least. https://twitter.com/TechlandGames/status/565477826573647872
  13. ipot_04

    Glitched Trophies For Ps4

    You can try making a third save and collect some of the collectibles in another new game. There was someone who got the trophy when he tried to do collect trophies in his 4th save slot new game, since he didn't get it on his 2nd and 3rd new game.
  14. ipot_04

    You Let Us Down Console Will Not Forget

    CE-34878 is the crash error code which is basically in most of the PS4 games.
  15. ipot_04

    Stuck At Level 24 Survivor

    On my 1st save file, the experience counter got stucked and I was stuck with Survivor Level 24. I made a new save file and started a new game, I was able to get to Survivor Level 25 with no problem.