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  1. Undertoker

    Can I Run Dying Light On My Pc?

    not very well at all frankly bud with that dated spec id suggest you turn everything down to low and give it a run, if you can toggle stuff up a bit then do so. but my honest advice is that it is time for you to spend sadly
  2. Undertoker

    Resizebuffers When We Correct?

    Gpu overclock ? Down clock yor gou to the reference clock speed I know it sucks, but hopefully they will fix it soon I have been asking about this myself
  3. Undertoker

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    I'll have a look at it tonight I haven't downloaded it yet Hopefully this will improve is all I can say
  4. Undertoker

    Which Map Do You Like Best? Slums Or Old Town?

    Agree fully with this guy
  5. Undertoker

    A Suggestion

    Hi guys I've noticed a big mix of issues for both consoles and pc players Would it be possible to split the forum up into the relevant sections ? A PC section A PS4 section A X box section At least player can post and read the issues in the section that is actually relevant to them Just a suggestion
  6. Hi guys/developers Well done thus far, it's a brilliant game I have a question regarding the rendering bug I just wondered if and when the fix would be implemented for this issue ? I ask as I have spent a considerable amount of money on an Asus Gtx980 Matrix Platinum GPU. This GPu has a factory over-clock that is way above the reference design, it is designed to run faster. I am having to down clock that card to get the game to run without crashing. Obviously I would like to be able to use my hardware as intended and I paid a considerable a premium for a card that can do that, sadly Dying Light is the only game that I have an issue with and have to down clock and slow the gpu down to play. Has there been any progress on this issue and if so when will It be implemented please I appreciate you guys are busy, but if one of you could let me know if and when this is being tackled I would appreciate it, I'd wager quite a few PC gamers would also like to know. Many thanks Undertoker
  7. Undertoker

    Refresh Rate

    What are your PC/monitor specs ?
  8. Undertoker

    Why Is It Cancelled For Ps3/360?!?!

    My guess is the hardware was simply too dated to run it effectively
  9. Undertoker

    Dlc Not Working.

    The DLC can only work when it has been released guys The first part isn't out until February 10th
  10. Undertoker

    Update Issue

    There is a bug they are aware of You are not alone and a concerted effort is being made as I type to fix it. Keep checking for an update
  11. Undertoker

    Game Crashes And Reboots My Pc

    Make sure your GPU is clocked down to the Nvidia reference clock settings Any slight overclock will cause issues, even if it is a factory overclock
  12. Undertoker

    Help With Season Pass Please

    Thanks for the heads up Michal Looking forward to it
  13. Hi Pc player Wondering when the "personal stats" will work properly ? Mine is stuck on 1hr 9mins played and never updates despite me being well over 70% through the game. Also I would like to know if and when they plan to fix the render bug that affects slightly over-clocked GPU's by crashing the game out. I ask as I am having to down clock my SLi'd cards to play currently and I could do with the slight performance boost that running the GPU's at the speed they should be running at would give me. Thank you in advance for any replies
  14. Undertoker

    No Way To Save/continue Game In Offline Mode.

    You save your progress at the various "safe houses" as I'm aware ? This is done as you enter the specific area and should you die or quit, you will return starting from your last safe house.