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  2. Hello, i have multiple problems with the steam version of dying light, My specs, graphic settings and temperatures are as follows: - Windows 7 Pro - i5 2500k @ 4.3Ghz - AMD 7970 3Gb -Omega 14.12 Driver - 8Gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance - Resolution - 1920x1080 - Vsync - off - Texture Quality - High - Shadow Map Size - Medium - Foliage Quality - Medium - View Distance - Exactly Middle - Ambient Occlusion - Off - Nvidia HBAO+ - Off - Nvidia Depth of Field - Off - Motion Blur - Off - Antialiasing - Off Temps CPU 38 - 41 C GPU 43 - 57 C From monitoring my FPS/Temperatures/Usage i can tell you that the fps difference between my current settings and everything aside from the two Nvidia settings maxed out is around 6 - 8 fps I have set my graphics lower in order that i never drop beneath 35 fps and rarely drop beneath 40. My Fps does fluctuate from 128 to 37 but mostly sits between 75 to 37 Aside from the usual fluctuating of fps i also see texture popping and even worse, textures that have not loaded if i speed run through an area on occasion! Containers, roads, clothing, items and some buildings fail to load textures for up to 10 seconds which is just god awful to the eyes, blurry mess. The game also suffers from Audio looping and freezing, when loading the game up the main menu music will 8/10 times freeze and destroy my ears. When talking to NPCs and during cutscenes the sound will freeze and or loop whilst the video will continue to play uninterrupted, this will continue until after the cutscene i press Esc and then continue playing with normal sound, but then Lo and behold any cutscenes afterwards will be silent, and lip reading AI isn't a skill set i possess. I have tried to rectify my problems above by first verifying integrity, 100% Verified no change. Uninstalling game and reinstalling - No effect Unchecked all processors in Affinity and then rechecking, this gives me 5 Fps more and game has less dramatic drops. I have also had my save reverted back to around 12% completion even after i quit after an autosave. So as it seems i have very much drawn the short straw on this occasion, usually i manage to evade most problems gamers have with new games. I have since downloaded anothargh copy of the game which does not have any of the problems mentioned above, The FPS is far more stable, I can max it out with smooth FPS, No audio freezing/looping issues and no texture popping. So im baffled as to why the steam version does not work when others do. To conclude, aside from the issues that i have experienced i have enjoyed the game so far and look forward to the release of the highly anticipated patch. *Edit* I also found a building near the tower that you can't climb onto, you can jump onto the ledge of the roof but once you pull yourself up an invisible wall prevents you from moving any further on the roof, you simply fall off, When i get home i will find the exact building and post its location. *Edit Edit* Loading screens also take forever and then sometimes practically instant, this didn't happen the first few hours of the game but now its fairly common.