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  1. Restoring licences didn't work for me, already tried that, but I found the solution: I had to go the the downloadlist on my PS4, select the addons, choose Options and there I found a DELETE-function. After that I could use the workaround above (visite the store in my browser) to redownload and install the addons!
  2. I also posted this issue on reddit (, but maybe someone here has the answer to this: I managed to download Dying Light to my PS4 using the workaround someone posted before (-> visit the PSN store on my pc and there select the option to download the game to my PS4). That did the trick. That is, the main game can be installed this way... But the addons 'Be the zombie' and 'Master Scavenger' cannot be installed using this workaround. So I still have the issue that my PS4 says the addons are already installed, when actually they are not. Can't find anything to fix this. Anyone got a solution? Kind regards, A.