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  1. Hello Techland team I found a silly sound bug in the PC version, which appears when you keep on running and climbing for some time. If you stop “stay still†the character still keeps making these climbing noises. And only if you jump once more while staying still it stops making these climbing sounds. I think after some time jumping/climbing/running the game doesn't register that you stopped and keeps on replaying these noises. This bug is pretty annoying because It keeps on playing and forces you to jump (if you don't want to get annoyed by the replaying sound). I hope you can reproduce and fix this bug Greetings from Germany
  2. Hello Techland team I patched the game to 1.2.1 but my FPS aren't really better and it is still stuttering with my “Nvida Geforce 780 SLI (overclocked)â€, “Intel Core i7 3820 4.2Ghz (overclocked)†and "16GB RAM" system. They are jumping around at 48 – 92 and change like crazy depending where I'm looking. 1920x1080 144hz viewing distance: 0% shadow quality: high fov: +7 (everything else maxed out) I tried to lower all sorts of options, everything at the lowest etc. but the FPS can't move up in a playable/enjoyable minimum of 60 + FPS. I saw some videos with people using the 970 in SLI and they are getting a lot better performance than my system, their FPS are around 70 – 135. But this can't be normal because my 780 SLI and their 970 SLI are normaly on the same level with the performance. So there must be some kind of issue with the CPU or the multi GPU settings in game. (looked my CPU while playing up after the patch there is not one single core maxed out), Is therefore a patch in planning? I read something about a planned multi GPU performance patch incoming? (Want to play this game sooo badly but at the same time not with these FPS drops and stutters making my eyes dizzy ...) Here my complete System: Greetings from Germany