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  1. So in short, BTZ & hard mode is free, Other extra content but needs a season pass are: *First DLC: -Cuisine zone -Cargo zone If I understand it right, you cannot go in again? as in u cannot go in the Cargo zone twice? play in it, it ends, that's it? *Second DL: -seven unique in-game items, including three outfits and four blueprints for over-the-top weapons. Are the unique in-game items and the four blueprints for over-the-top weapons aren't special on anything? like infinite repair? the do look really good and special on the trailer. Anyway info came from here http://www.polygon.com/2015/2/10/8010733/dying-light-dlc-release-date-season-pass-detailed there should be a Season Pass bullet list and time frame for people who don't know how season pass works. Also, I think I'll go base game for now, & buy season pass when it comes really cheap, also, what if u buy season pass after May? does it become a regular purchasable DLC? I hope I didn't forgot to mention something
  2. I'm not too rich and currency exchange rates here is worth 50x per dollar, and the daily wage here is just an hour for US. anyways, Based on what I've read, I think the Be The Zombie mode and the Hard mode* were all given away for free, plus I've read rage comments** that they had wasted paying for Season Pass when extra content were given away for free. So, should I buy Season Pass? what else did I forgot to ask or mention? are the BTZ*** and Hard Mode all the extras I've mentioned? *Might forgot mentioning other extra content. **From Facebook ***Be the Zombie mode tl;dr: Should I buy season pass?
  3. If you -pre-ordered in steam was the price the same then and now?
  4. I'm in Philippines I think the price suddenly jacked up, $1 = 45.10 as of sept 29, 2014, 10PM GMT+8 It was always 43.** for a long time, I guess I have to wait for it to go down around around 43~44, So how much is your DL there? Also I'm wondering where international developers watch for currency exchange rates, I usually check google or xe The price in our region is 2,495.00 PHP, in xe it says its 55 USD, so is your DL there 55 USD? Overall, I am worrying of if increase in currency exchange rates will affects the price of the game -- Dying Light in my region Philippines. So it always 2,495.00 PHP since pre-order was available on steam?(I think it opened in Sep 20 or 22?), or does it fluctuates as currency exchange rates fluctuates?
  5. I don't know why they always think that games are always better in consoles, when the games were MADE by a PC, console engines where programmed in a PC <.< But there are those that were only made for specific consoles cause of "exclusivity" rights and royalties whatever, And what katsu said, there are tons of games passed via greenlight, and don't let me even start on games being worked on that RUNS in PC first. I've never seen somebody so boldly and dare to say 95% are for consoles.