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  1. element72

    Possible Night Hunter Hack?

    I just encountered the highest lvl NH at 37. That's the highest level I've seen now. He was pulling some bs spit attacks and also instant teleporting to players. His spit would instant hit you and explode while his back is facing you. This could probably be accomplished with really high sense. Here's his steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013757416/
  2. element72

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    NH is fine... its you versus 4 other players. Techland intended this from the start. One thing I see people fail to mention is that you have to play NH as if you have 4 minds working together. 4 brains is better than 1, right? Maybe that's where the root of your complaints r sourced. As for 1v1, I'm pretty sure techland thought of skills that would allow you accomplish this. You can't play 1v1 like you are playing 1v4. That should have been obvious. Use different skills or methods. -peace.
  3. element72

    New Game Plus

    Has anyone tried this? I'm wondering what happens when you play new game+ I want to know what you get to keep.
  4. element72

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    You have to utilize the skills correctly. You have uv shield and bombers. There was a lvl 17 guy that almost ended our 20+ win streak. Today my group pwned a lvl 20 and 24 like they were a level 10 hunter. The guy at lvl 17 was streaming. I had to carry my team the whole time, especially at the end. That game was incredibly close. My group was attacking the last nest and I was 1 second late on getting there. I was raging and saying "guys ur letting him kill you, come on". My whole team died 1 by 1. He needed to kill me to win the match. I canceled his pounce twice, lol (he was so freaking close to landing both of them too). Then I was having trouble kiling him, but my team backed me up and killed him for me. After that game we won about 10 more times and went to bed. Earlier today we won about another 15 in a row, but most of them were level 1 hunters complaining about how underpowered the hunter is, and every time, I replied, "LOL ur lvl 1". I'm a dead island hardcore fan. I played l4d with the competitive community. I played evolve. I just have to say it looks fine by me. The level 24 hunter was really good at maneuvering. On my radar he was in front of me, then in 1 second he got behind me and pounced up close. One time, I watched as he glided in front me and realized how fast he was moving compared to other hunters we fought. I seen ppl rage hard in pc games, and I have seen others who r really good at a game and don't even rage at all. None of these higher level hunters complained. But every single other hunter did. Also its techlands fault that not many ppl r allowing hunters to join their game. They should've beta tested it, because I believe more ppl r just blocking zombie invasion right now. Instead, techland gave their game away very early to youtube/twitch celebrities. The hardest hunters to kill are the ones that use bombers frequently imo. The bombers can spawn on the freakin roof... and that got me a fair amount of times. Sometimes the bombers can spawn on top of you or in your face. Also today, I noticed that hunters are now killing the person who is incapacitated. No hunter ever did that last night. Seems like people are "learning" how to play hunter.
  5. element72

    Lost Uv Flashlight. What Now?

    ya I know already lol. I figured it out. Quartermaster always has it.
  6. Somehow I lost my UV flashlight. My guess is I accidentally sold it. Can I get another one somewhere? or am I fuct? lol