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  1. TheShift

    When Will I Get This Dlc?

    Haven't ya heard. We are #1 Don't forget it. Haha. I'm kidding But seriously #1
  2. TheShift

    Moving On...

    Heh. I platinumed Zombie Army Trilogy 96% in Mortal Kombat X Playing through the Witcher 3 Guilty Gear xrd How to Survive Storm Warning Dying Light us stuck at 88% since forever 2 trophies yet to be accounted for. heard the online ones don't why bother. Love the Game.Best first person zombie game I've played But yes...moved on...awhile ago
  3. TheShift

    Bozak Horde Not Free With Season Pass On Ps4

    I just went to the related items on the game start box
  4. TheShift

    Bozak Horde Not Free With Season Pass On Ps4

    Better check is now
  5. TheShift


    Just checked.Season pass holders should be able to freely dl the Horde.. In psn Game on
  6. TheShift

    Trophies Still Aren't Fixed?!

    Took the witcher disc out of the ps4 grabbed Dying light of the shelf blew off the dust Insert disc into system psn wants 10 for something I already paid for trophies still won't pop Disc is ejected. put back on the shelf. Inserts The Witcher Off to Novigrad Get with a Playa when DL is fixed HALLER
  7. TheShift


    Yeah witcher 3 is badass.. I'm not paying 10 bux for something I already paid for... trophys still bugged.. Please get the season pass people lined up with the psn...
  8. TheShift

    Developer Chupacabra

    I used what I could to beat the demolisher. I threw and pushed just about every zombie into the spikes and fencing beat it on the second try. so it's very doable
  9. TheShift

    Question From The Devs

    very "bold" statement
  10. TheShift

    Worthless Programmers

    A few hours to complete training? Do yourself a favor. Quit
  11. TheShift

    Dead Chick In The Water

    Hottest chick in the game.
  12. TheShift

    Question From The Devs

    Sadly I stopped playing once zombie army trilogy came out.beat it and got most all trophies but 1..playing horde online is straight chaos.can't stop playing. I haven't gone through dying light in hard mode.I definitely plan on it..and can't wait for the horde release. I tried be the zombie..its cool..just didn't get into it..and for me..I didn't find the co-op online fun at all..but that's just me..I played DL for well over a month..every free minute.and I think the main game/graphics and killing the zombies is the best game I've played guys did a fantastic job. When you release the horde game..I'll be back..and probably go through hard mode unfortunaly this post doesn't hit the mark for what I'm sure you guys are looking for.wish I could give a better "what else to do for the game"..but to me..the main game is chupacabra.and I wouldn't change a thing my .02 I just read everyone's posts. And I did read a post that has me thinking.. capture the flag..YES Please.night and daytime .. I played Unreal Tournament 99 and 03 and played for hours upon hours mainly ctf. Tell ya what..I can already imagine the greatness this add on could keep me intrested FOREVER..what would really be sick as chupacabra. ..being able to play as zombies...I can already imagine 2 teams of zombies going after..get this..instead of a flag..a head.. capture the seriously though...ctf as zombies win win win
  13. TheShift

    Gre Website

    Where's the fun in that tho? SPOILER Username: Kyle_Crane Password: Airdrop
  14. TheShift

    Gre Website

    This was tweeted from the DL page. it's a drop code I suggest looking for a binary translator
  15. TheShift

    Gre Website

    Get it 010000010110011101100101011011100111010000100000010000110111001001100001011011100110010100101100001000000111000001101100011001010110000101110011011001010010000001100110011010010110111001100100001000000111100101101111011101010111001000100000011011000110000101110100011001010111001101110100001000000110110001101111011001110010000001101111011011100010000001100100011001010111010001100001011010010110110001110011001011100010000001010000011011000110010101100001011100110110010100100000011011010110000101101001011011100111010001100001011010010110111000100000011000110110111101110110011001010111001000100000011000010110111001100100001000000110010001101111001000000110111001101111011101000010000001100100011010010111001101110100011100100110100101100010011101010111010001100101001000000111010001101000011001010010000001100001011001100110111101110010011001010110110101100101011011100111010001101001011011110110111001100101011001000010000001101100011011110110011100101101011011110110111000100000011001000110010101110100011000010110100101101100011100110010111000100000010101010111001101100101011100100110111001100001011011010110010100111010001000000100101101111001011011000110010101011111010000110111001001100001011011100110010100100000010100000110000101110011011100110111011101101111011100100110010000111010001000000100000101101001011100100110010001110010011011110111000000100000010001110110111101101111011001000010000001101100011101010110001101101011001000000111011101101001011101000110100000100000011101000110100001100101001000000110110101101001011100110111001101101001011011110110111000101110 Thanks that is pretty sweet