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  1. Well, actually they don't even need to make an AI for Night hunter. Just let player controlled Night hunters invade other human players main story playthrough, in addition to the pvp mode.
  2. First of all, we are talking about an Night hunter AI in the main story play through here, the already existed PvP mode should only have human controlled Night hunter. There SUPPOSED to be a difference between AI controlled Night hunter and human control Night hunter. All the Night hunter AI has to do are identical tasks to Volatiles, chasing and attacking human players. human players will open the zombie invasions for greater challenges of the main story mode, instead of a separated PvP mode. Although AI controlled Night hunter and Human controlled Night hunter both will have the same simple objective, chase and kill the human players, Human controlled Night hunter for sure will give human players a harder time getting through night time.
  3. I would really prefer if there is an AI controlled Night Hunter in the game along with Virals and Volatiles. So when a zombie player joins the game, the player just smoothly switch out the AI without interrupting the human player's mission progression. I just find it dull and boring when a zombie player joins, I am forced into a competitive gamemode. Not to mention that all Volatiles just disappear upon zombie player's joining. But if I turn off the zombie invasions, I then don't see the Night Hunter at all. I mean, sure, keep that competitive gamemode since I know some people like it but give us more options... I am pretty sure one of the reasons why most human players disabled their zombie invasions mode because of this. I will give an example: Say like a zombie player can join a game and switch out the AI of that session, the zombie player has no real objective to "win" the game but just to chase and kill human players for extra experience points(or even not!), while human players can still progress their missions. (However, human players should not be able to just sleep through the night while the zombie player is in the session. Human players should still reserve the ability to kick the zombie player out in case of zombie player trolling) When the sun kicks in, the zombie player will automatically exit the session. A lot of people are saying the Night Hunter is underpowered against human players, now imaging human players being chased by a whole bunch of Volatiles and Virals, while the zombie player Night Hunter tries and murder them all...not so useless anymore, right?
  4. fly790420

    Proper Third Person View Mod

    I understand how this game is meant to be played in first person, but some people get serious motion sickness playing this game like my sister. There is already a mod that enables developer menu which also enables the ability to switch to third person, but the third person view is problematic. The camera just clipping through the walls and block the entire view...
  5. I personally think that the enemy markers ruined the night time gameplay. Avoiding those night hunters is just way too easy...hell, you can even see where they are looking at and if they are "about to" notice you or not. It took away all the tensions it supposed to have during night time... I want more challenges and intensify the gameplay during night time. With those markers on, I would have to purposely let those night hunters see me If I want some tense actions to start, which made no sense to me. Without the markers, night time is going to be 10 times scarier...which it is supposed to be...
  6. The game uses more than 5G of my RAM... Everytime before going into a cutscene or being hit by a spitter zombie, the game would freeze for like 5 is getting a bit annoying........ My rig i7 4790K 8G RAM GTX 970