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  1. Ziken

    Weapon Loot And Drops Mechanic

    the way i understand this loot table is that, regardless of the rank or so, they force feed us these high lvl weapons due to the damage. it almost makes me sad to see that they don't allow more varities among the npc vendors that you encountered. would be nice if they could figure that out instead of focuing us to pick the kantna all the time.
  2. Ziken

    Bows And Crossbows

    have you been able to confirm it?
  3. Ziken

    Dying Light May Have Just Been Ruined For Me

    if this is happening when people are playing online, chances are, they've probably encounter a bug that does this. if that the case, then maybe it time to start using the cloud save and disable auto-upload of the save files. but chances are, it probably server-side, but i highly doubt it. and if it happen again, i'm certain we'll see the same issues again just like BF4 and DiCE
  4. huh...the OP seem to forget...this game is about survival...and using guns isn't really a smart move unless you're planning to outrun them...and when you do...last thing you need is pressing the combo button x/a and triangle/y to jump and look behind, especially the night portion. but if they want to go ahead and do that way, it up to them. i've learned to time the R1 and even understood the reasons behind it, since it saved me more time than i can count on my night run.