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  1. kalarro

    The Following's Ending [Spoilers]

    What is the third ending? I finished a few days ago but I only know about 2 endings. About your questions, I'm pretty sure that's left open to imagination (or another game)
  2. Just made a post about it before finding this one. I loved the ending. Was playing with a friend and we decided to each take one of the endings, so we kind of took both endings at the same time. And it was very cool to see both options.
  3. kalarro

    Awesome Ending [Spoilers]

    I read your post and it makes sense. But we still loved the following ending. I think it really helped that we were kind of having both endings at the same time. Knowing the other option gives your choice more meaning. On the other hand, we didn't quite like the original game ending. Only talking about both endings regarding the story, not gameplay nor anything else. Regarding the whole game, we both think this one is a masterpiece. And the expansion should be an example for other games.
  4. Yesterday, me and my friend who have been playing the original game and the following together, finished the expansion. And we both loved the ending. Those 2 choices are so cool. We decided to each take one of them, and that was awesome. Maybe if you play alone and pick the bomb option, it may feel a bit underwhelming. But chosing that ending, while the other one is telling you the other ending, turns it into an awesome outcome. Well done, loved the 2 options and both endings.
  5. kalarro

    Got A Question About The Online Function

    Nope, you will only save character progression, you won't lose anything
  6. kalarro


    A friend and me who are playing together 100%, finished the main game last week, and are now on the following. We are loving the game, masterpiece. But there is one aspect that seems so underwhelming, and that is crafting. There are so many recipes. We spend so much time gathering materials. But then, we couldn't care less about the recipes. We just craft the highest damage one for which we have mats. There is no real difference from one recipe to the other. It's kind of a pitty, for such a masterpiece game, which in paper focuses so much on crafting, and then in practice. you just craft the highest damage one available. I think everything is set up to have cool different crafted weapons, but that the chance is missed. They could remove crafting (weapons) alltogether, add +20% damage to all weapons dropped, and it would be more or less the same. My 2 cts
  7. kalarro

    The Following Gold Weapons

    Another thing that needs to be increased is the number of punctuation marks in your message.
  8. kalarro

    Nightmare Mode Isn't Reasonable.

    I hate loosing progress. But I understand this mode. Don't see it as a big penalty each time you die. See it as a mode where you shouldnt even die. Like a hardcore mode in many games. But instead of losing your character, you just lose a ton of xp.
  9. I have read all that text... and I still don't know what broke the game... Is he talking about just not likeing the ending of the story? big deal
  10. kalarro

    Eta On Ps4 Patch For Progress Deletion

    Who's the forum troll? Check my nice answer and youts. I gave accurate information, the patch was released for ps4 a few days ago, and for xbox1 today. Even if you didn't like it. Your answer was just a raging troll.
  11. kalarro

    Eta On Ps4 Patch For Progress Deletion

    It was released a few days ago.
  12. It's not the companies fault, but the counties intermediaries. I know that well beeing from spain. You are not paying more to the company, you are paying for to some people on your country, who think they deserve to be rich by not doing anything. For example, netflix tried to enter spain. Well, they couldn't because the "mafias" who produced and distributed the physical content long ago, don't want to disappear nowadays that everything is digital. So now there are laws that still gets them money, ensuring you still have to pay the full physical price, for digital content.
  13. kalarro

    Eta On The Patch For Xboxone?

    Hey topo, I mean, Krulz ^^ Yes, come on xbox patch. I don't dare playing anymore either...
  14. kalarro

    Legal Or Not?

  15. kalarro

    Legal Or Not?

    I recently read a post from techland saying that they support mods. There had been some missunderstanding about it, but he clarified that they do support mods. Then again, all those mods sound like cheats, you sure want to spoil the game? It's already too easy after level 15