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  1. This might help you if you have an Nvidia GTX 970 with an amd processor. Not guaranteed to make you lag free but enough performance boost that will keep you out and above 30 Fps without loosing in game image quality. I didn't really go into depth on testing so I don't actually know if its gonna be above 30fps maybe not in some areas. Trying doing things in this video. (Sorry guys with AMD cards I'd loved to help but I don't own a AMD Card so I don't know how the 3D things work but you could try looking at my 3D global settings and give it a shot.) Video: This is my settings for Manage 3D settings Global Settings:
  2. Are zombies suppose to be spawn randomly or do they just spawn in their area? I killed some zombiefied cops and hazmat suited ones. Went for a quick run around the slums and circled back to the same location and there it was the same 2 zombie cops and 3 hazmat ones. Is it suppose to be like that? Hopefully not. When I throw a firecracker at a mob of zombies all but one or two seems to react to it. some just stands there completely frozen, literally frozen like no movement no idle animation. Bug?
  3. Chem

    Dying Light Soundtrack Giveaway

    Zombies tripped over one another all of em died before I even tried anything :/ pretty baddass realism
  4. Chem

    Image Trail/lag/?

    Anyone notice image trails? Or is it just me. It kinda looks likes when you get buzzed and your eyes reaction time is slower. If you have never gotten buzzed before then it kinda looks like a mouse trail but with the entire game. It's kinda noticeable if you focus on it. I get 40+100fps some areas, when I look at a certain area I stoop down to 10-25. I tried testing it around the 60+ fps areas still noticing that affect, even tried turning everything off and low still see trails. Specs: Windows 8.1 AMD FX 8310 (3.2, 4.2 Turbocore) 8GB DDR3 GTX 970