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  1. boredinyuma1

    Has The Patch 1.03 Stopped Saves Corrupting ?

    anyone know if the patch has come out on xbox one yet?
  2. boredinyuma1

    Has There Been A Xbox One Patch Yet?

    sad that that is what we have come to expect. i remember the days of buying a game that worked right off the shelf.
  3. one lousy post about it, doesnt even say what plaform the patch is coming to. im just not playing the game until its fixed in fear of it happening again.
  4. boredinyuma1

    New Patch Coming ?

  5. single tweet or an updated post about it. you want to stop getting half of the angry and upset posts then reply to one! say something. bought a game that i really enjoyed until glitches and tired of booting everything up just to hope there is a patch up for it. even a vague timeline would be better than one single uninformative post about a patch coming your way....patch for? which platform? coming your way in 2016? just like tons of other video game companies with seriously poor customer relations
  6. boredinyuma1

    Need Confirmation About The New Patch

    its not just that we lost weapons. we lost the ability to create new ones as well. blueprints gone, skill points gone. cant make medkits. dont even have a uv flashlight anymore.
  7. boredinyuma1

    Lost All Level/ Everything! Help!

    same here. im on xbox one. judging from the forums it appears to be a problem on all platforms. the sad part is i wish i could say its a shock. just once can gamers get 1 game to come out and not be a piece of chupacabra? dont get me wrong. the 15 or so hours i got to play of this game was brilliant. decent graphics, great seemless controls, free roam and co op zombie killing, outstanding. but to have all the progress dissappear was rubbish. take the dam time to make a functioning game and quit pumping out flawed games. please. its ruining the industry! (please note this wasnt written with anger or malice, simply disappointment. and disappointment at every game that has come out in the last few years. time to chalk this type of thing up to companies being greedy and selling a product that is not finished instead of blaming it all on problems that they cant tell until after launch. dont tell me this didnt happen to someone who tested this game yet it was still put on a disc, packaged, and sold as a working game.