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  1. Gimpyolman

    Are You Ever Going To Patch The Game?

    Personally... the laggy chupacabra in extraction pretty much kills the game for me... There is a difference between a challenge and ignorance..
  2. Are you ever going to patch this game? 1). You have really sucky save points and no ability to do a hard save in case you have to stop mid-way -- you have to do it all over 2). The bridge has a matrix break in at times. I climbed 8 times and it gave way under me and I found myself in water looking up at trees, houses, land, and everything else ... the way out... power down and start over -- this happened on one of the towers as well. 3). In Extraction while in the tunnels the charcter doesn't always jump on command causing him to fall to his death and the stupid screamer/respawn point is not consitent. I've noticed running problems (yes I tried more than one controller so it is in the game). 4). If you are going to start me over at the starting point I should get to keep all the flares and firecrackers and whatever else I used ... No on like trying something 30 times just to have the matrix fail and or an invisble wall knock the avatar into the pit and back to start point... You have a very good game that could be a very great game if you tweak it a little and clean up some of the bugs. By the way... the special weapons I got for pre-ordering are dorky stupid and fairly worthless...
  3. Gimpyolman

    Was Follow Jade Really Necessary?

    Come on THESHIFT.. what is your beef? It's a forum and it's open to complaints. Try being productive instead of attempting to deminish someone for posting something that wasn't happy, happy, Joy, JOY!... I am beginning to wonder if you are paid monitor running interference... Here is a tip: ON EACH OF THE POLES ARE SOME OLD PAPER BILLBOARDS OR POSTERS... CLIMB TO THAT LEVEL AND SLOWLY MOVE AROUND TO THE LEFT OF THE POLE TO WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE AVATAR'S ARM COME OUT... THAT IS THE SAFE LEVEL TO JUMP FROM AND YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO CATCH THE NEXT POLE... CLIMB TO THE PAPER BILLBOARDS OR POSTERS AND REPEAT.. THE LAST POLE YOU WILL HAVE TO JUMP TO THE GROUND AND IT CAN BE A LITTLE TRICKY AS IT TAKES JUST A LITTLE BIT OF WIGGLING AND PATIENCE (NOT A LOT BUT YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH IT SOME) TO GET POSITION WHERE THE FUZZY EYED AVATAR AND LOOK DOWN AND ALIGN THE JUMP POINT UP... HE SHOULD LAND PRETTY EASY. WHATEVER YOU DON'T DON'T LET GO UNTIL YOU SEE THE ISLAND ... OR YOU MIGHT BE DOING IT ALL OVER AGAIN... Not that it matters it wasn't 5 minutes for me and probably most players... NOW IF YOU WERE SO GOOD YOU ZIPPED THROUGHT IT IN ONE SHOT... why didn't you simply post this is how you get across it instead of attempting to lampoon me? I really hope that helps save someone a headache... NO HARD FEELING THESHIFT... I get grumpy in my gimpyolman age... :0) Have a great one...
  4. Gimpyolman

    Was Follow Jade Really Necessary?

    I'm slow but I did figure it out... And THESHIFT... the point isn't to get me to sign up and complain about it. The point is to GET FEEDBACK on what they like and don't like, but hey you might see the world upside down and enjoy it. It wasn't all that well thought out because the Jade marker disappeared on the Island with the hanging poles. Even at that point it was obvious the only way off was to cross those poles somehow, but the system glitched a lot and for whatever reason the guy kept letting go... after a number of tries, he hung on long enough for me to get across. That is unneeded frustration. It could have been handled with a simple HUD or even Jade appearing on the other Island in the sky... ON THE POSITIVE SIDE... I'm beginning to see how these designers think (and perhaps what they smoke) so I expect the frurstration level will go down now.
  5. Gimpyolman

    Was Follow Jade Really Necessary?

    Techland you really screwed the game up with this part... I REALLY DON'T LIKE IT... .. Ignorant design is never a challenge...
  6. OK I AM STUCK IN SOME BAD LSD TRIP CALLED FOLLOW JADE... What is in the mind of the game designers? Obviously someone did a lot of LSD to dream this nightmare go nowhere, without a clear path twisted idiot section of the game. What was the point? Jade disappaears and you can't always follow her or even see her in the messed up blurry vision upside down broken up world. NO HUD... AND FOR THE MOST PART WHILE SPEAKING OF THE HUD -- IT SUCKS -- Techland should have stayed with the Dead Island one... it wasn't perfect but it beats the thing Techland put out. This is a good game.. but some of the stuff techland did will just keep it a good game instead of a GREAT ONE... Fix your bugs and put in a real HUD... So much potential being beaten down by such little thought..